Some little experience of doing a station for the first time

first time to do the website, encountered many difficulties, especially the optimization. Because before also listen to others say a site, the most important thing is to be included and ranking problems, so I began to spend a lot of time research website optimization things. We now also have a week, I found that constantly update themselves every day to do, although not what the original, but the number of daily updates are large, was very naive to think that, as long as the content of the website, be included the possibility of it, every day after the update will go to Baidu, Google search keywords. Day by day, there is no effect. Then see others that to increase the reverse link and Links, actually I also don’t know what that means, I started to think of the Sina blog to write something, I can cause the attention of the search engine, and soon, a day after the Google collection this station, but Baidu there is still no response to what, I don’t know your keywords is not good or what reason, midway also changed several times, specifically a number of articles for you to update these words or not, what effect. The Internet look a lot about web site optimization article, although no one to try, but it is also selected some good methods, of course, the effect is to two days before we know.

I do is a self-study admissions website, because such a lot of sites, promotion is also more, want to stand out is not easy. I put the main targets placed on the province, as do the keywords: self Hubei, Wuhan University self, self enrollment, these words may be too general, the website has not attracted the attention of Baidu. A new station is also difficult to find a good site to do links, the first time to do stand, really give yourself pressure, a lot of things do not understand, to go their own exploration. In the webmaster network above, I also learned a lot of things, although Baidu has not included my station, but I believe that through their continuous learning, or can step by step to achieve their goals.

would like to see the webmaster of this article also offer some suggestions to me, and also thank the friends who have been encouraging me!


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