Set up 5 days day P50 is more or less

I am a student webmaster, just built 5 days, because the main content of the website is aimed at students, so some students on the community propaganda, now the day IP 50++ every day, is this more than


my site is located on: campus classification information

so basically all of them are aimed at students, so there is no publicity on other places. I advertised it in the largest community in the school online, and now the independent IP is 50++ every day. I don’t know how to SEO, do not know this means what? I don’t know if this is more or less? Please help me analyze, and my flow are basically from the campus network, which is also my customers are basically students.

please have experienced webmaster, help me analysis! Click on my site at the bottom of the flow statistics, we can see my detailed traffic situation, please help me analysis,



, indebted forever!

wrote the article for the first time, it was not a liberal arts, so please forgive me,


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