The key to the website’s success is positioning

attended the Chongqing Internet 2007 New Year SHOW meeting sponsored by the Chongqing branch of the E-Commerce Association website (Chongqing website alliance), with a total of more than 200 webmaster and circle participants. When I came back, my mind was full of conversations with many webmaster and VC dialogue. Finally, I got the problem out. Personally, I think the key to the website’s success lies in " positioning "

came back from Chongqing, I gave up already color enterprise accurate search site " open search " on the Kaixian local network, after careful analysis, decided to use the now opened in the city network, and our state city network appeared not to what information portal, such as Hong Kong comprehensive information portal website appeared in front of Internet users in Kaixian, because I am very aware of their company’s strength, no professional journalists, editors, just from the other websites information is not bigger and stronger, so we can avoid weaknesses, do business portal, mainly to e-commerce, so as to ensure the site interest also give users provide professional and accurate consumer information, after a few months of production site debugging, August began formal operation, until now more than three months time In the Kaixian city network opened between the well-known local businesses pass 100, also released a consumer city card – card also opened city of nearly 500, which also shows that the success of a website, positioning is very important, of course, we do not succeed, but at least a good start


vision determines the world, and the success of an entity is not necessarily how successful leaders and employees can work, but whether the company’s positioning is accurate and the method is appropriate. If you want to do everything, or you think your company can do anything, it will definitely be eliminated in the future development.

in the operation of the site, individuals believe that positioning is also the key to success, there is no correct positioning of the site, no matter how strong its capital, how advanced technology, are bound to fail.

what kind of information and services does your website provide to someone? If this simple problem is not clear, it’s pointless to focus on design and functionality.

seen too many such cases, the content of the website is so rich, how powerful, but it is doomed to fail, because the site positioning is not clear, no choice, what to do, but what did not do a good job.

website can not blindly invest, operators should first position clear, or ask professional companies to help analyze, and not at the beginning into some design and functional details.

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