Can the stationmaster really succeed

The word "

" is not unfamiliar to all walks of life. Perhaps it is in different fields that have different meanings. For the webmaster, old Adsense or new owners, often heard the most is to insist, insist on is victory, who can stick to the end, maybe the big direction is not wrong, but we applied to these grassroots webmaster I feel is not very suitable, not blindly adhere to must be able to succeed, the surge cannot even bring traffic, increase the GG account for $


have seen too many people say that if I had not then discarded the website now how many IP, if applied to GG I’ll do it now I am the master Wangzhuan, so much so that the past has looked back again why so much of it, twist for a long time in addition to feel the neck outside you get what? I had a sad website before, because of their website that knowledge is not too much, because other factors did not have time to make yourself completely go into this industry and circle, domain name renewals three times. Still, the website is not a penny earned, or IP in dozens of hundreds of wandering. But there are too many emotional websites that have already been issued. Can I say, if I had insisted on it, what would I do now? No, I didn’t.


website has too many indefinite factors, in this stationmaster’s group kind, the website kind generally divides into two kinds, first is the service class, is the commercial type, the undertaking type. Two, on the money type, the webmaster also have nothing to do with these two kinds. Some people say what type of money making business, which site is not for money, the site is mostly for money. However, because of the different purpose of the station, it created these two different types of websites. Specific Wangzhuan is the site of no matter what you stand either by pop or GG or what the alliance can make money. Do not consider this website can really do is how long a few months or a few years. This is not to do the next one, all the starting point for the purpose of money; then cause it ultimately is for the purpose of money, but a long-term profit has a set of plans and measures…… no matter what type to find the right direction, if the wrong direction, then it is no good.

is the most common me who rely on GG for webmasters, for example see others do QQ stations easily tens of thousands of IP, if you do, two months, three months is not included, if you still insist that if I want to be costly, because the only source of profit for this type of site is to rely on online advertising by advertising alliance. Traffic is the essence of making money, but the ultimate source of traffic is Baidu or other search.

do any web site is, if the direction is wrong, and then insist on is useless, it is better to change the type of Web site earlier. Although the first people are advocating success, you insist, but in the station this line is not suitable, and make an inappropriate example

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