Learning the old model is difficult to break the sky drop bill dream

Apple released the latest version of the Iphone on the 13 day, the general news media released apple Iphone5 There were many discussions. That is the Genesis to the media also said Iphone5 is the turning point of apple to go downhill, as Internet companies, Apple has too many copy mode, there is hunger marketing, celebrity the effect of so much, but as a part of the Internet we have to copy the old

mode may also be successful?When the

Hao123 website caused a trend of Web site navigation home, until now this trend has not faded, but who website hao123 appeared on the brilliant side? No, now to learn the old model has been difficult to succeed, but also a way of innovation of left behind old the hao123 is the site navigation, but above the comprehensive site navigation appeared professional navigation website, and classified information website, the website is built on the basis of the old model, and that some success, such as 58 city, list and so on classification network, from we can see: learning the old mode to success, innovation mode to take the road to success. The following is specific to talk about how to break the "achievement model" to the "innovation model" this road.

give up weiweijiuzhao this allusion, actually War Within Three Kingdoms situation better

let out a weiweijiuzhao Zhao draw, but was eventually destroyed, the story tells us that sometimes Quxianjiuguo is not necessarily the best way, if it was able to attack the soldier Zhao Nacai is the best outcome, now many sites in the marketing operation when the means are not clear, not only in the use of QQ marketing. In the micro-blog marketing, now also learned WeChat marketing, but the marketing website to the end is "not a single" industry specializing in surgery, you may not be able to grasp the main line in the parallel situation, so as to enter the scene to War Within Three Kingdoms, with a little less marketing means to do professional can the real success, a few years ago when the website marketing is a multi pronged, but now the old model has not adapt to the development of the Internet. Because, with the development of the Internet, the Internet is too broad, the multi pronged model can only let the webmaster dizziness, as do a professional marketing, which is also in the old mode of innovation, for example, you are dating website, so you can concentrate on the micro-blog marketing also, can appear now WeChat marketing, as long as the choice of good will always stick to it.

, don’t dream of overnight fame. Break down overnight is "sweat and toil"

countless stationmaster fantasies can become famous overnight, in order to buy the domain name cybersquatting is a good price, for example, shortly before the domain name DVD, has sold hundreds of thousands, many webmaster dreamed of own website business or your Internet business can become famous overnight, but we want a >

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