Entrepreneurship also need to play a good failure prevention

in the current tide of entrepreneurship, there are more and more entrepreneurs who embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. For the future, what they see is success, when failure comes, is really caught unprepared. What is more, it may be because they can not accept failure and some extreme behavior. So, you need to play a good entrepreneurial failure prevention needle.

entrepreneurship has become an important way to guide employment, employment services sector is an important part of the work. But the objective point of view, the proportion of successful entrepreneurship is not high, in the business should be ready to fail. Jiangxi province Wuning County Bureau of labor and employment management from the reality, in promoting the management at the same time, shot against good failure for entrepreneurs.

stresses entrepreneurial risk. Compared with employment, entrepreneurial risk is much greater. In the implementation of entrepreneurship training, Wuning County Employment Authority is not only to promote the significance and value of entrepreneurship, but also clearly pointed out that venture capital. From the point of view of occupation angle, inducing factors in entrepreneurial dilemma is a failure, including market, skills, funds, personnel, shortage of any of these are likely to give entrepreneurs a fatal blow, let start to fail.

help defuse risks. Simple analysis of the risk is not to help solve the problem does not meet the purpose of the service sector, the Wuning County Administration of labor and employment through the implementation of the relevant support policies, to make the best efforts to help entrepreneurs resolve venture. In the market, and actively guide and encourage entrepreneurship in emerging industries and traditional industries in the market; skills, carry out various forms of entrepreneurship training to enhance the overall quality; in terms of capital, increase business loans issued to efforts to implement the relevant subsidies; in terms of talents, establish effective recruitment information platform for both sides to achieve effective interaction.

help solve problems after failure. No matter how meticulous service, entrepreneurial failure ultimately difficult to avoid. Wuning County Bureau of labor and employment to play a functional advantage, and actively solve the problem of employment and employment placement after the failure of entrepreneurship. On the one hand, vigorously carry out the employment services to help business failed and re employment of workers, to solve the employment situation is stable, to effectively maintain social stability; on the other hand, to actively implement the social insurance subsidies, unemployment insurance subsidies, free occupation training policy, back on the job or to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs.

failure is not terrible, terrible is to do not know failure, can not afford to fail. Jiangxi province Wuning County Labor Employment Management Bureau actively lay failure prevention needle, establish the correct view of a malicious help entrepreneurs, and implementing policies to reduce business risk, to provide help for business failure, effectively stimulate the masses of entrepreneurial activity.

entrepreneurship, although let us have more expectations in the future, but also the same venture is full of risky business, so we recommend success

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