Large site traffic exchange revealed how to do analytical website ranking flow over a million

The recent

search engine changes very frequently, I’ve been thinking, we can not think of a way to do grassroots webmaster can slowly from the search engine, of course, is not completely out, at least to ensure the flow do not have more than 40% source search engine, because too much traffic from the search engine I have is passive, the whole is no longer around the site, but around the search engine to make a plan.

search engine on many sites recently affected relatively large, also released a small dry cargo, to help injured site fast recovery weight ranking, if you have a website is being injured, not to collect web content, through the complaint platform complaint, complaint is a little skill, can appeal to a few times every day, 5 times, and then continued for a week. There should be a reaction. This is an online cattle himself a station, after being plucked, through this method, indeed restored. And even before the hair, the weight is also increased. OK, go ahead with the topic.

just a few days to analyze a large website, a channel page traffic statistics. After the analysis of the site, I hope you can learn something. Direct screenshot:

, this is a screenshot of the site, basically 1WIP per day or yes. Through the specific analysis of website traffic, no flow is the source of search engines, all through traffic exchange cooperation flow.


the traffic sources, all is to exchange the amount of exchange sites are well-known sites, well-known sites have attached great importance to traffic exchange on the one hand, a large site traffic source must be diversified, with income is the same, must be diversified, single is likely to be blocked by.

we grassroots webmaster in doing traffic website, just we need to sublimation on the one hand.

well, today is Friday, ready to tidy up thing, go to the eastern overseas Chinese town one day tomorrow, for a long time no activity estimation so tired. The past few days, nothing to bar, opened a personal name "Yi Shaokun" in the name of it, free time, we can go inside to exchange.

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