A rookie webmaster’s experience

dream? Confucius: "cloud It passes like this. husband", time. Did you catch it? What’s the real catch? Does your life make sense? What about your youth? Do you think your future is slim? You might choose to say, "well,


started from the network of contacts, friends and relatives are mom and dad told me not overdo sth. network is drugs, touched will not quit. Is the network really a drug? Is the network really unreal?

himself feels a misunderstanding about the internet. The network can not support the family?! absolutely, the Tencent Mister Ma Huateng created a myth China network industry, he is what life? If he is willing to lead a gay life day can. Why did he make money on the Internet? He did not deny the horse’s strength to his technical team, but what he had to say was their perseverance, their spirit of hard work. Here, I admire them,

many people who play online have a dream, that is, a successful career on the Internet and a sky of their own. Let our parents see the network can also achieve dreams, but also to create a better future. In a few years later birthday PARTY, confidently said to his son, see how Daddy is playing the network, learn a little. What was your mood at that time? It was pride, a sense of achievement, a perfect feeling that you couldn’t say,


one day, you become our SUPER STAR, then you will forget you have worked with the team? People, in front of money and honor always think of yourself, this is all in mind. Single shadow is always difficult to pair, and you are always difficult to make perfect. Do you dare to stretch out a single finger on your opponent, KAO? You dare not, without the support of the team, you are nothing, you can only count as a talented person. What can a man do?. Can only say that the individual cattle, you want to do something famous, do not want to!


I’m glad is, for their own dreams, I found a very good team, a good boss, /ty0 degrees of romance, thank you for my dream, thank you for my dream to create a {www.ywfzl.com} site. Sometimes late at night, sitting alone in front of the computer table, want most is with them fighting together the scene, can not help to think of this is upturned, this is my biggest harvest, this life is my greatest wealth. Team – MY favourite

may I say you don’t agree, but I want to say is, everybody’s dream is different, is also different, try hard enough, I believe that this network in the world, also believe that this network world can we all dream round. See so many successful people, you do not heart? You do not have a desire to fight it? Yes, I know you will,


, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your teammates, your team, move. Dream

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