Talking about the new station of Baidu collection

stands for several years, but has been doing is garbage station, basically is the acquisition, although once the flow of tens of thousands, but eventually escape the fate of K, and now, the hands are only 2, 3 traffic only hundreds of stations, saying, honestly do stand, don’t cheat, so they began to do regular station, although I do know that station road is very bumpy, but I still try to do my best for.

recently made a few stations, new applications are domain names, have been included in the Baidu, but also how much to grasp the rules of Baidu, but personal experience,

my stop: the stock market was made in May 29th. It was included in June 17th. My guess is this,

stands in May 29th,

May 31st (promotion) Baidu,, live site landing, and in the Baidu high weight sites, such as, Admin5, Chinaz, im286, DoNews and other sites leave traces of

in May 2nd, Baidu found my website,

in May 17th, after 15 days, records, Baidu released ", the collection date is May 2nd -5 month 17 days between included, Baidu in the" transition period "is included, but also in the Baidu index database continuously updated.

on Wednesday, May 18th, Baidu was updated a little bit.

Baidu audit new station, I estimate is 15 days of appearance, my other station is about 15 days, so do new station friends, patience, wait, don’t worry, Baidu generally on Wednesday will be big update.

website constantly in Admin5, im286, Chinaz not paragraph of the increase in the chain, joined some of the directory, and apply to join the Dmoz directory, I hope you can through.

is just a little personal experience, big family laugh.

passing a little knowledge:

1, through the site: / link: two search instructions, check the domain name collection, if included as 0, but the external connection is many, then this domain name has been K.

2, directly in the search engine input site address inquiries, if you find a few of the results are complete, including the domain name, and their own site did not, then this domain name is likely to have been K. (there’s a possibility that the search engine index hasn’t been published immediately in search results.


3, the domain name has been K over

opens Baidu, enters in Baidu’s search column, and uses site:***.com without record to specify domain > if there is a record

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