Understanding the impact of site color matching on online marketing

website color collocation, I think few webmaster will ignore its importance. If you want to ask why your website color match is so important, I think most people will say, "good-looking", "good-looking", then the user experience will be good. Indeed, if from a website’s operation point of view, a good color matching can really enhance the value of the user experience. But if we look from the marketing point of view, the site’s color matching for online marketing is also very big impact.


, the color matching of a website can affect the shopping psychology of consumers, and then affect our online marketing. The colour collocation and psychological relationship seems very difficult, although we are not what the color of the psychological expert, but it is necessary for us to understand the color collocation site on our marketing generated.

1: according to the survey, more than 90% of consumers said before consumption will take into account the color and appearance of the site

I think this survey data reflect the influence not only to consumer desire is because the color collocation is good-looking, there is another key factor, that is a color collocation atmosphere, decent, regular site easier to obtain consumer trust. Let our users through the site of the color collocation, feel this commodity is formal, genuine, have after-sales protection products.

online marketing, as a site, the most critical thing is to let consumers trust you. Therefore, our color matching so that your customers in the first sight of the site’s confidence. If you do that, then you have won the first step.

two: more than 80% of consumers buy products when the color is one of the main reference factors

this is easy to understand. When we look at a product, we basically consider the color of the product. The color of the product often influences whether we want to buy it or not. Some readers may not understand, we are not talking about the color of the site collocation? How to say the color of the product?. In fact, the reason is very simple, because our site with the color will be directly to the user’s perception of the product color. We like the color of the site with our product color and high similarity, so that your site is doomed, because when the color of the site and the products of similar color, unable to highlight pictures of our products, it will directly affect our online marketing.

The quality of our products are

pictures of good and bad, do not say first, we need to be able to better site color collocation bring out our products to consumers more and more visual senses can play the best marketing effect.

three: comprehensive: site color collocation is good, will be able to improve the online brand

this point we can see from many electronic business platform >

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