Many web site filing experience tells you that the filing is not so terrible

as we all know, there are two kinds of situations in China, one is to use the server or space outside, and the other is to use the domestic server or space. The former does not need to go through the Ministry of industry Web site for the record, and the latter is needed; for some reasons, we also know that the use of foreign servers, it is better to use the domestic server stability, after all, there is still a wall blocked. Many grassroots Adsense website when the beginning did not consider too, but also because of the trouble and not to record, and then accidentally website development, various website needs to move to the country, it must be the site for the record, this time a lot of people make difficult.

today when it comes to this topic, people seem to say that this is a problem but please have a commonplace talk of an old scholar, so the idea of a friend patiently read below, you will find that there are a lot of new things, because this is something out of practice. Because I also contact the Internet in recent years, so the more your own webmaster resources, started the Western Digital sales agent such as part-time work, since their own webmaster can help save the cost, and I can make a little, also can increase some experience. And this time to share this article, I can tell you what this experience has taught me. Today I am writing this article yesterday is a customer told me that he would like to put the site moved to China, it can be more formal to development, I also think so, of course, is not to say that the site on the outside can not develop well, in fact many sites in the overseas development is very good, but I that would be better at home. But the biggest problem is that he worried about the record, because the Internet said to a few months there, then the basic site to be finished; another is that the authority will be very strict, and I want to get a certain network name, but I heard that the Western Digital Customer Service said no..


above, I encountered this customer problems, and he worried about, I think it should be China’s tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster also had, including I have encountered. Indeed, in China, there is such a special record system in our country, which makes many people feel pressure. But whether we can think, in fact, this system is more feasible, otherwise it will not launch, such as the supervision of information more convenient and let the webmaster always be aware of their responsibilities and obligations. On my own several records and changes in the record experience, coupled with the guidance of hundreds of customers filing experience, so that I think the domestic record is not as scary as we imagine.

first, the filing time is not as long as everyone imagined, basically more than 10 days time. If you say that the filing time is more than ten days, many will certainly not feel particularly troublesome, can accept, and in fact, the basic is so long. Of course, there are accidents, for example, some people may be their own problems, may be a space problem, resulting in filing time up to

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