The three stage of Taobao’s development is from attracting clicks to retaining usersMicron business

investors posed for pictures with the organizers

customers to now has more than 4 years, from the initial simple some advertising model now is more biased in favor of the content, although the promotion mode still could not escape the SEO and micro-blog of the two cycle, but the mode of the website changed a lot, originally a random Taobao guest website, after a little traffic can be converted into revenue, and managed to get the accurate flow, the last time the Taobao customer click only accurate traffic to get users to buy. At present, the user can obtain long-term active should be on your platform is important, has spawned, beautiful and other professional UGC Taobao site, you want to make this business, for example, to retain users, so that they have long stationed in your website.


at 2 micron business season opened the curtain on the public expectations, the famous venture capitalists, Dragonvest partnership fund, venture capital fund starting point camp and starting point the founding partner Charles Li, founder of DNSPod, Wu Hongsheng, An Qi, Liu venture factory to visit the site, start on the road that had to be on stage to share knowledge and activities of the guests wise remark of an experienced person during the period, investors and entrepreneurs also launched an interactive question and answer fierce.


this is the second stage, Taobao customer is not so confused, not to attract click, because those who simply click rate in order to transform Taobao site rate gradually declined, this time into a precise age, a lot of precise traffic began to appear, the number of Taobao passenger flow is no longer simply the pursuit of quality. The flow is more concerned about the precise user. For example, a comprehensive Taobao guest website, day IP1 million, a month can earn 5000 yuan. Then a day IP ten thousand weight loss product website, you can earn 5000 yuan a day. Taobao is becoming more rational, no longer

said China Chali teacher of small and medium-sized enterprises which have too many to count the financing needs of entrepreneurs, but not in the minority, and want to win the favor of investors, we must prepare a business plan is astepping-stone to success: looking for investors, a clear business model is a business on the road to find reassurance, finally the direction of investment multiplier.

this is the first stage, but also the most simple Taobao stage, as long as you have a website, there are traffic, to attract users to click your Taobao address, enter Taobao. The early Taobao guest site is very small, the user can contact the Taobao customer site is less, so this time as long as the attraction of this user’s one click, then the user within 14 days will not click on other Taobao guest address, that is to say, his orders you will have royalty. So this stage is the craziest phase of SEO, all related to Taobao keyword ", Taobao ", Taobao shopping, and so forth. Therefore, this time to do Taobao customers really very easy, when a station day IP reached ten thousand, monthly income of at least 10 thousand, this is integrated, and if the flow of accurate point, every day thousands of problems are not. This is the API site flood stage, all sorts of very similar API site, there is no shopping guide value, pure simply call Taobao data API site, but because it is early, these sites can earn money. I am a lazy person, and also willing to do long-term things, do not like to stay in the short-term interests of people, so I did not participate. This site is typical period of money should be Tao taokshop website and the small head of, the largest one month to earn 130 thousand, the latter a month earn up to more than 60 thousand, but now the 2 site no longer. This is the first stage, click "King".

Chali teacher speech

phase 1: as long as you attract traffic, click on Taobao to

On the afternoon of 24 After

introduction: China’s entrepreneurial road has fought out many of the "black horse", so that some young people always questioned: "now there is no drama,

in April is all the opportunity to flourish, located in the Yellow Sea coast of Yantai city college students entrepreneurship garden two days ago ushered in a number of mysterious guests, all the people have voted to surprised eyes, that so many professional investment advisor, outstanding entrepreneurial projects, well-known entrepreneurs and government leaders are all at the same time come to the.

in order to better understand the participants in this project, the first day after the end of the event, the person in charge of Chali teacher with more than 20 outstanding entrepreneurial projects are unique "starting point start barbecue", by entrepreneurs.

second stage: access to accurate IP, become buyers, the last click

April 24 – 25 day here held a successful professional investment roadshow, a dream by the Yantai Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Yantai City College Business Park jointly held the "micro entrepreneurship season · Shandong Summit for helping start-ups better development, both for entrepreneurs and well-known mentors, investors share entrepreneurial experience, and excellent start-up project provides a platform for exposure.

in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places successfully held four sessions, a dream of network science and technology limited liability company specially in order to repay the Qilu earth business boom in Yantai City Park held the micro entrepreneurship season · the Shandong summit, the activities to help entrepreneurs realize the mutual exchange and sharing of information resources wish to maximize boosting the development of small and micro enterprises. This event has been greatly appreciated the participants entrepreneurial project leader, investment advisor and government leaders, entrepreneurs through the micro entrepreneurship season this investment and financing platform for large-scale publicity of the outstanding projects themselves, and get professional guidance and advice of investment advisor. Even a lot of participants to start business projects have invited micron start-up season into their city, so that their start-ups more ground gas.

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