How does a unicorn entrepreneur get the inspiration for entrepreneurshipThere are many ways to make

note: there are many ways to make money online, the above method is not my ranking, but I in the image is also a good way to make money, in fact there are many Wangzhuan way, I do not introduced one by one, because of plenty of opportunities to make money, not too much, the end, can introduce out a lot of money however, the most money is to find the blind spot of the market.

networks, but why do you make money,

The biggest difference between a

for a skilled person Witkey Wangzhuan is really a good choice, I do have a monthly income of five thousand Witkey, for some people has been good, but I am not satisfied with the status quo. Although relaxed, but five thousand in many large cities is nothing.

Unicorn entrepreneur how to get entrepreneurial inspiration

I’ve established a way to get ideas for startups. Every start-up company uses some sort of method, and it should get one point. Some companies have taken a variety of approaches, and in this case I have added one point to each category involved.

surprised me that the two most frequently occurring methods were the ones I never thought before:

1, Taobao

sector diagram represents the frequency of different methods.

1. derivative of existing business. 9% of entrepreneurs start thinking of startups on the basis of other existing businesses.

let me start by saying why I wrote this post today:

today in Amoy League also saw someone say PC. The topic, I think he has been OUT, I remember when I was 05 or 06 years I had contact with PC balls, then there are indeed many people change a lot of things, but for now, has eliminated < / p>

, I’ve listed 100 private start-up companies, or unicorns, to investigate how their founders got the inspiration for entrepreneurship.

challenges and competition, and how to nurture a great entrepreneurial inspiration, today we will introduce the "entrepreneurial secrets Trilogy" inspiration chapter, to share with you how to produce and timely use of inspiration.

has an important theory about creativity, called generative exploration Geneplore. According to this set of theories, there is a structure in the world that promotes creative thinking, called the pre invention framework. In this section, we will focus on the successful founders who used the pre invention framework.

3, Witkey

, to my surprise, there are so many ways to make a startup successful.


it can be said that the term guest in many people the impression that a lot of money, a lot of people earning seventy thousand or eighty thousand, hundreds of thousands of.

7, PC

I have seen the most >

4, website making money

2, AD ad

? There are many ways to make money in

, for example, who would have thought that 11% of entrepreneurs are actually copycats? This data subverts the traditional perception of avoiding competition. However, half of the 11% companies compete against the competition by running their successful startup ideas in the United States to other countries. It’s really incredible!

do promotion is a monthly income of over ten thousand, for many people is really good, but the promotion is very tired and how much you know? The promotion is not so good to do, and be patient.

web site that you are out, before many people rely on AD to earn a lot of money, but now AD has not guest, as a grassroots webmaster.

this is the most stupid way to make money, can only earn some pocket money, maybe not earn, this depends on where you are helping part-time, this will not say more.

Wangzhuan opportunities:

entrepreneur and a regular entrepreneur is that successive entrepreneurs use their expertise to find inspiration.

The percentage in the

a lot of people do not know the domain name, but this is really selling, money, a game site founder famous 4399, he is relying on the domain name and then reselling station home, but this is now not easy to earn.

in our data, I found that 30% of Unicorn entrepreneurs are "serial founders."". Here, I define the term "continuous founder" at least once before. In this data, most of the successive founders have created millions of dollars before creating their Unicorn companies.


2.Pivot – finding new ideas with existing products and markets. 8% of the founders are through the original creative Pivot found the idea of entrepreneurship.

Abstract: start-up companies are diverse and originate from a variety of backgrounds and ideas. Excessive pursuit of novelty may only keep you away from good ideas. After all, novelty is less important in terms of good execution and competitive advantage.

5, as a promoter,

8, network part-time

said that the site to make money with AD advertising, the guest is not the same? Why again, this is not the case, not only is the website to make money this way, they can do well and then sell station optimization, but this depends on the technology, most people do not

6, domain name reselling

If you don’t know the AD

is the perfect match "creativity and constraint." – Marisa, ·, Mel,

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