How will the webmaster choose the alliance SP which CP is goodHow does the website develop and how

and SPCP are operators Mobile Unicom cooperation and alliance, dividends to the League 7 / or 8 gross divided into a, of course I here only to talk about the movie other similar messages, operators to SPCP 12~15 yuan a month, so it can get 5~8 yuan a, but also with the cooperation alliance webmaster, webmaster to 5~6 yuan a, then the alliance is the lowest profit, only 1 yuan for a ~.

now in this era of information technology, Chinese million in stationmaster is most people don’t know how to put the station of its own development, how to locate, rather do not know how to make money to the station.

interface to the mobile phone PHS and other deductions

League: as a subordinate of SPCP, the union provides advertising code, advertising is much tempted, that’s the League thing. The union just provides advertising code and Adsense cooperation!


CP: provides content services company, called CP, what is the content? Content is the product, for example: you need to download customized ringing tone, not only for others to download customized ringing tone, chargeback interface and no content, that is cheated, will undue deductions! And now the SP company development no, some strength also need to cooperate with the CP to provide a diversion channel interface, providing a content service. But generally speaking now SP will provide the content, so that no channel CP is dying. Next, I don’t differentiate SP from CP, because SP is also CP, and both provide content.

We can

for a long period of time in the past, SPCP is a direct and alliance cooperation, did not see the SPCP and direct cooperation center, the reason is that when the price is high, can reach a few yuan, and the upstream can achieve a few% >

read the above simple introduction, the webmaster should understand it, then I will analysis, we do stand to take advertising to make money, what is cooperation with the alliance or cooperation with SPCP good? Because now some SPCP with advertising, direct and webmaster cooperation! Oh, looks like there is no problem, but the truth and I will uncover the mysterious veil of

SP: has a channel by telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and Netcom. The interface provided by the company, called SP, is the need to channel application conditions, at least the minimum requirements of the company’s registered capital reached 200~500 million yuan to the general application. A company can only be a channel for a business for example, SMS SMS channel, has a channel, is to have the.

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also has some stationmaster to claim that he does station just for fun, fun to do this station. Indeed there is such a webmaster, but I would like to ask the webmaster how many? There are several owners do not want to maintain itself through its own website website operation ~ hope to maintain their daily life or day into the thousand yuan? But how to do a more substantial income? This is precisely what we are looking forward to the problem, we also lost most of the problem.

webmaster is really hard to find a good partner, are very hard to find, a variety of access providers numerous doubts, don’t know what to do, some people say that SPCP is a good channel, must be good, some people say that doing good alliance alliance, alliance advantage! What kind of good here? I will analyze specific issues in

I also had very long time the site, but none has been what income, but since many do stand, found that the transformation and transformation, a station location is important, that is to say when you are prepared to do what the station you have to go to the station to do right after not doing watching, you would rather put on a local station for a month, two months of commissioning after hanging up, also don’t like me to a stand up, after one or two months not to feel like I replaced the domain name esxxw in just half a year I was replaced N station, every one is not long, don’t say there until the last income is getting more and more confused, not knowing what to do. I have used the domain name information network, information network, Enshi station, beauty Novel network. When I was still at the fiction station a month ago, I felt I had no hope, so I started preparing for this new station. After many failures, I finally found the station also do perseverance, so I’m gonna give it a station has to do so, as long as the intention to do one day will get better, so not to say what website promising what website no way out, in fact there is no basis for ~ a website itself has the value of his existence, just to watch you go to find his value, let him set an image in the minds of Internet users. And just hold on. The most important point is that you have to understand the existence of your website in the commercial value, if your site has 1000-10000 day visits to IP, not too much nor too little, this time as long as you have a good grasp you will see his value and prospects, such as following a 1000IP the website, he can do some advertising, GG, sh419, mother like advertising is way for small sites to earn one money, 1000-10000IP station can pick up some small package weeks, monthly advertising to do, if your station can reach 10000-50000 when you can cooperate to find some well-known businesses. 50000-100000IP or more, then you don’t need to find ads, advertisers will naturally have to.

, first of all, I simply introduced what is called SP, CP, what is called the league. Because many webmaster is still not clear, here is a brief introduction, we all have an understanding,

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