Barberry church Zhang Tianyi 90 is now undertaking the red guardsBidding mode and strategy analysis

in the current development of the Internet and the Internet business sense, intermediate business has become more and more obvious, as the big boss of sh419 search engine industry also plays an important role, it is because sh419 has a competitor are not, it is more than half of the market share. sh419, which now has the lion’s share of the market. As long as the emphasis on their market share, it is already users have chosen to bid on sh419, advertising.

, that makes me a little bit frustrated. When I started my business, I learned to play "old" and let myself be a little more sedate, so as not to be seen and cheated by young people. On some occasions, I didn’t even say I was CEO, but I said I was a salesman. I turned around and asked my older friends to play the boss.

D, sh419 home, the right to provide 8 ranking ppc. This situation is generally in the case of keyword and content quality is relatively low.

We all know that

for shlf1314 or other non mainstream search engines, it seems easy to advertise where the ads appear. We’re not going to repeat it here. But for sh419, even in the home page on the left, PPC ads, the situation is more complicated. I summed up the sh419 home page advertising results, can be divided into the following four modes,

A, sh419 left home natural ranking area offers 10 competitive ranking, the right to provide 8 competitive rankings. In this case, the top ranked competition will be displayed on the left side of the home page, and other results are displayed on the right, including the right after the page is turned.

she told me, the last scene, there is a 90 little girl, very publicity. The little girl said she did not understand or care about the "two sessions". She only cared about her own little partners and entrepreneurial projects. The director said, "this girl, 90 after the state.".

, that makes me so ashamed. I’m ashamed to mention that I usually listen to classical music or guqin music. I go to bed at ten every morning and start at four or five in the morning. I’m ashamed to mention the occasional KTV brush at night. I’ll be sleepy for second days. I am also ashamed to mention the office on the table tea keeps four pot play bracelets also very yearning dog bird Chuai gourd, colleagues little girl always said I like her two uncles; I don’t love I will catch up with the trend, such as disposal of gift KINDLE, because I think the book is better; for example, I do not love the love with mobile phone calendar, notebook paper, although the mobile phone is convenient, but I always feel that the day is an electronic product of kidnapping is very depressed. Before getting the education of my uncles, I didn’t know the beep or the barrage, something that interferes with sight

B, sh419 left home natural ranking area offers 4 competitive ranking, the right to provide 8 competitive rankings. This situation is mainly reflected in some specific industries, or some of the key words, sh419 offers only four advertising positions.

seems to each non 90 after 90 out of curiosity and expectation, the inside of the chain of logic is: you know 90? Don’t know? You will lose the future Oh, idiot. A problem that let me shiver all over though not cold there is a logic, as if 90 do not know 90,? Will be fired the ball home?

different advertising ranking of the searcher’s attention degree is different, you can use this strategy more sophisticated designs, of course, the following strategies need to constantly try to guarantee the effect and dynamic adjustment.

want to know what time can advertising is not a simple matter in what position, because this with sh419 ranking algorithm and advertising policy change is constant dynamic adjustment, general corporate advertising display where, by sh419 PPC and keyword advertising system according to the correlation factors such as judgment, enterprise you can’t decide on which area, there is no direct relationship with specific matching.



, two days earlier, there was a happy middle-aged uncle who asked me, "what do you think of TFBOYS’s" castle of magic "or" Happy Island "?. Although his question well is just on the mobile phone to sh419, but I still face a red, because I never listen to these songs……

I sighed and asked her, "what’s like a 90?

C, sh419 home natural ranking area at the top and bottom of each offer 3 competitive ranking up and down shows the same results, the right to provide 8 competitive ranking. This situation is mainly reflected in the fact that no one is bidding on the left, but there is a phrase matching or broadly matching the advertising mode.


has not yet returned to God, and after 90, the tide came, and looked up, only to find that the world began to "small", we are trying to mix with young people. The most representative is WeChat in my tummy "after 88", "89" and "84" entrepreneur group, everyone in the year as unit division, so that the standard to relax a little, I can get tickets for the "young people".

, for example, is a strategy that allows you to give priority to the last ad on the left side of the list, which may attract more attention than in the middle, when you can’t win the top four on the left side of sh419. Because the first place can be mistakenly hit, or that users have more goods than three psychological. From the overall conversion degree is not ideal, this I have proved in practical operation personal point of view, see the industry and >

recently recorded a story about the two sessions, and my label in the program is still set as "after 90 entrepreneurs."". However, the director of my performance is not satisfied, she told me that I was too cautiously, too deep, no young people like a sharp, 90.

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