nternet conference guests in the eyes of the ten entrepreneurial trendsHow to deal rationally with

also has entrepreneurs who believe that there is no policy, funding or talent barriers in the Internet banking, the biggest obstacle is the gene.

no money does not matter, the wisdom to money, as long as you learn to "mind up", do not worry about getting poor. For example, in actual operations, we can analyze the key words to know what keywords will give your website much traffic, and who will become your customers behind these traffic. Especially in the choice of keywords, keywords how to choose according to their own strength, to avoid too fierce competition keywords, how to find belonging to the blue sea, and all that belongs to the SEO level of thinking things, as a novice to earn money through the SEO must find a suitable for their own road SEO make money, there are millions of road, the road on their own is the most important. This requires us to pay more attention to enhance their own SEO thinking, and friends of communication and discussion, see more of other people’s case, understand what others are thinking, which itself is a process of ascension, as long as you discover and summarize to believe that one day you will become a real master SEO money.

know that technology is not directly bring you any benefits, only the technology into productivity to create wealth for you, I believe that many SEOER are not to earn money is not thinking beyond SEO off this road. Business one of the most popular words is "mentality decision." what kind of thinking will bring what kind of result, the key in this process is not how much money you have, it is not whether you have excellent resources, but if you have a first-class way of thinking, believe that as long as you thinking of a change, just getting wide! A mode of thinking to improve, wealth miracle appeared

by learning SEO, you can be better, so that we can have the structure to adjust their own website, the search engine’s preferences, through learning SEO you can also learn how to choose keywords and keyword analysis and so on, but these are the SEO technology on the level of things.

there are a lot of small and micro enterprise advertisers who have not been developed between five million and twenty million of the budget each year. If you can activate this business, you will get higher offline revenue.


3. uses Internet thinking to do hardware, need to start a business team, have strong integration ability,

but Internet Co will be affected by hardware in the early days

hardware facilities are in urgent need of the Internet, therefore, with the Internet thinking to the design and development of hardware products become a trend, can provide a more convenient and efficient way to obtain information for end users.

1. entrepreneurial team line three or four line city to Denver at

actually, the fact is not so boring. According to incomplete statistics, more than 70 guests participated in the speech and accepted the Tencent science and technology interview. When they analyze the changes and experiences of the industry this year, they also provide new perspectives for more practitioners.

2., the advantages of Internet banking is to benefit a large number of SMEs and individuals unable to borrow from banks

The traditional

believes that many friends learn SEO’s purpose in order to make money. This motivation is not wrong, but you should have a good attitude. Because SEO does not necessarily make money, SEO is a technology and a tool, it will not bring any wealth for you, only for you to use the SEO tool to create wealth, now want to from the Internet more and more money you need to have a unique way of thinking, any technical things forever just for thinking service, how to develop your own SEO money thinking is the most important.

Understand the working principle of search engine

Internet finance has become a hot topic for nearly a year, there are three reasons behind the financial services industry: small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers in the market again, this is a big demand; the development of e-commerce platform to make the Internet financial services is the basis; and a number of people recently internet financial industry leader the task and research institutions, government agencies are more concerned about this matter, began to gradually open up policy.

three or four line of small and micro enterprises advertisers, is currently a lot of Internet Co did not tap the source of commercial value.

China’s financial market potential lies in, now through the Internet search for consumption, credit, small and micro credit products are less than 10%, big cities less than 20%, small and medium-sized cities lower proportion.

tiger sports founder Cheng Hang introduced, the site’s offline business has accounted for 60% of online advertising revenue. From the end of last year sponsored commercial events, many have been held to the two or three line city, and then there are three or four lines of the city.

for three years, talking about the Internet Conference’s hottest topic, always hear a word — mobile internet. Isn’t it true that people in this industry say something new,

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below is Tencent science and technology from many guests speech and interviews sorted out this year’s ten major new trends in Entrepreneurship:

, by contrast, 70 million mature financial markets such as the United States have access to small, micro credit information through search. In this way, China has great potential in this vertical market.

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