Do we need to look back and see if we need to call real returnDo not copy paste from the computer to

is useless, though maybe you check your anti chain is much, but you pay attention to, really check the chain command is: links:xxxx


what have we gained and what have we lost;

shlf1314 the price fell sharply, now a single click is the lowest $0.01 USD not to, once the GG alliance supports many domestic grassroots webmaster, but now in the face of such a price, what can we say


this year is SNS years, is also the Internet mode breakthrough year, autumn to winter years;

mom, because sh419 and Taobao battle, resulting in a statement is put in the advertisement of the mom will be K or will be right down, whether it is true, the so-called There are no waves without wind., the owners are willing to take their own hard to do the station to do experiments for

The first computer class in the school

then again contact the computer when college entrance examination is graduated from high school, and students went to the cafe they taught me to surf the Internet, the first number is they help me to apply, felt very excited, I have number….. Ha ha, I don’t know if any of you have felt the same way as I did,

is the largest sh419 alliance, China alliance, according to a sh419’s friend said, now do not open sh419 theme, if not the lowest 3 cents each sh419 theme income, what other products of sh419 alliance can do


now, everywhere is called, a IP also wants to make money;

after graduating from high school, grades down, and only on the vocational line I am Chongqing examinee: that was 420 points, hey. I was still thinking to review, a chance to let me see the Beida Jade Bird, several times in the consulting support of the father going to school, eventually holding to become the future of software engineers expect into prize.the school. I believe I can do it.

I am an ordinary girl, grow up in the countryside, because my parents work outside, so I was fostered in grandma’s house at the age of 2. When I was in kindergarten, I was taken care of in my grandmother’s home. Until I graduated from primary school, I was only able to live independently because my grandmother was in poor health. Just began to feel very comfortable, because no one cares for me, free, can watch TV at night to 12 points, no one will urge me to go to bed that class tomorrow, I can go home after school in the school and the students play for a while, the heart do not have to worry about being scolded for coming home late…. Oh! Grew up, sensible, now sometimes recall previous lives, on the one hand, feel very lucky, because I created a small independent now independent character; on the other hand to feel wronged, because parents get intimate warmth too little. What’s more, the computer foundation is zero.

recently, the first video advertising revenue has shrunk dramatically, which has been called the first video the first domestic league has been reduced to no advertising to do, we have one less profitable alliance, although we are so hate the first video ads.


let me unforgettable, that day on the content is to do a self introduction of the PPT, I was stupid, I do not know what is PPT what tools do, how to do it? At that time even copy and paste are not, I see all my classmates in careful to do their own, I feel, want to cry, why do I have myself a little computer based? My heart was a very strong sense of inferiority, in such a situation I when the teacher does not pay attention to escape from the classroom, the bus went straight back to Chongqing temporary home, second days to get the tuition return. But then I went back to sign up to study. As for why, I had the opportunity to tell you alone, it was a beautiful accident….. In a word, I went back to Beida Jade Bird to study the software development. By the help of the teacher, I continued to work hard. I finally got a lot of experience. I studied for a year and a half. It was a year and a half. It was really hard

, should we think about it, there are webmaster friends who leave the website in the comments, although all know it’s not easy to stand, but do you understand that you actually do

In the blink of an eye, and

from the earliest interest station, to –

from the earliest, fully share each other’s technology and mood, to –

you see this article, do not laugh at me a ha, this is actually quite normal for growth in rural primary school children, I had only a few computer classes, but the school organization to the town primary school to go to class, it is a completely stupid, those keys the computer keyboard are not afraid of bad press, computer, so there is what have learned.


such as Qihoo, MOP alliance, we are not the best choice. Now, it’s getting harder and harder to make money, but more and more stations are standing. Borrow fish for a while,

? ?

, do we need to look back, do we need to call back, the real return?

comes, our hearts begin to be full of desire;

time rolls on, winter was approaching, and towards the end of the 2008. In the cold winter, the winter of the Internet has arrived.

this year is the Olympic year, but also the motherland more difficult years, but also proved that the Chinese nation perseverance,

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