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2.SNS website is not popularity, but profit model. My website is only about 700IP a day right now, but it’s worth more than IP3000.

is an agricultural area cry piteously for food market, on the one hand is the enterprise product needs do not match, it seems not to buy ", perhaps for agricultural entrepreneurship will be in a way we never swept, we can see the optimistic.

, according to data released by the Academy of Social Sciences in mid 2011, China’s urban population reached 691 million in August, and the urbanization rate reached 51.27%. The resident population in urban areas exceeded the rural resident population for the first time.

3. considers good people. Most of the women’s websites are women, so when I work with companies in other traditional industries, it’s more cooperative, especially cosmetics, beauty salons and so on. At present, we have worked with a company. So you don’t see any ads on me, but they’re actually profitable.

came back from Chengdu after a long vacation, and his brain was empty, but he soon got into work again. Because of work reasons, will try to pay attention to entrepreneurs in this matter, there is a great difference between the western and the mainland and we IT practitioners at all.


western cities >

takes Heihe / Tengchong as the line, the eastern part of China accounts for 43%, the population proportion is as high as 94%, this is the traditional sense of geography East and west. If in accordance with the Internet business to take a few more details, here is the typical Zhejiang along the north east of the city, while Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Heilongjiang is to some extent the western city.

first, I think the more plug-ins SNS, the better, every day to pay attention to the official website of UCHOME what plug-ins, and want to be the first time the new plug-in installed. In fact, I made the mistake.

second, think SNS is mainly publicity, more people, will certainly make money. As a result, many SNS sites are still burning money, to promote, to advertise.

fourth believes that the more games the better, the game can retain many people.

may engage in SNS site webmaster have appeared, I’m in the beauty Street dating sites appear these problems. However, after a period of exploration, beauty Street dating sites have begun to profit, although, but about 1 months, about 1500. But my biggest experience is:

2008’s SNS site really fire up, to a large extent is Kang Sheng UCHOME’s launch, reducing the technical level of the threshold, so basically anyone can easily build a SNS site.

‘s business is human. According to the sixth census, China’s population has reached 1 billion 340 million. The first thing about starting a business is who you want to be, and what group of people you’re going to be in 1 billion 340 million.

The essence of

and now we are considering to the city for up like a swarm of bees, the agricultural population of entrepreneurship competition is smaller, 700 million farmers business, is a big opportunity. But the biggest problem is that now shouting entrepreneurship those young guys are 80, born in 90s, college, graduate, master, PhD, students read out, they lack nituizi experience, it is difficult to do with two.

This means that

third requires too much of the SNS interface.

The core factor of

China entrepreneurship can do two kinds of people in the business, farmers and the public, from the perspective of the proportion of basic equivalence but the latter is a big trend, and the distribution is more intensive, more mature consumer habits, is currently the main business in all clients, everything is the sale of basic necessities of life.

The most important thing about the

1.SNS is communication, and often many SNS websites ignore directions.

4. Site positioning, you are profitable through membership, or through other aspects of the site to profit?. This is a crucial question. Many SNS sites, including forums, are expected to profit in membership, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Without a complete system, you can’t earn money for your members unless you do it as well as 51 and . Otherwise, give up the idea.

eastern city had experienced PC computer era, staffing a smart mobile phone, WeChat, micro-blog, comments have slipped the old, from time to time using a mobile phone to view today’s itinerary, weather conditions, traffic information, home to open the iPad movie video.

I have made a beautiful street dating website for amateurs. After a period of exploration, I have found a lot of problems. To share with you. Maybe everyone will encounter some problems, and at the same time, these problems let us into the misunderstanding, and away from the profit making more and more distant.

east or west?

but from another perspective, the Internet or technology, never in the real sense to change the agricultural population’s production and life, the Internet can be quickly copied, low cost scale, to some extent is to change the traditional farmers in production and life, rather than to wait until they are converted to the public.

farmers or citizens?

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