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Knight master station, set up less than a year. If there is traffic, you say such a station can be profitable? It is easy to prove that such a station if successful, depending on the flow content is feasible. Because IDC and rely on the network survival of the webmaster, many are selling network products, they advertise unless BBS post, soft Wen promotion, SEO ranking, advertising and so on. Fourth, any companies have tried the way, as long as the site value can be profitable, than: a few days ago, IDC tradeask knight, "can’t stand in your ads?", I refuse to each other, because we have made provision, not profit within a year, not do any form of profit. However, he watched our advertising on the station, "new Internet advertising, of course," the new Internet "is our knight station operation, so there is no problem on the website profit.

"education" shopkeepers challenge big

blog, before the amount crisis, has not shown any major problems, but before the crisis, the blog network is very profitable model of the site. Can not find a way to profit from the site: 1., network advertising can not, if in the member blog page or main station advertising, will lose a large number of users, experience effect is reduced. 2., members can not charge, and now which blog site by collecting membership fees to profitability, not yet, even if so, the user’s choice is too much, space, sh419 space, sina blog. In addition to advertising, selling products and collecting membership fees, the website found no other viable profit models. Therefore, the blog network is facing the biggest problem, that is, traffic is difficult to profit, and this is one of the reasons for the blog network crisis.

, according to Ye Yu revealed that, at present, some of the better operating convenience stores, Summer online sales per month can reach more than 30 thousand yuan, and other seasons also have more than 10 thousand yuan.

in the Internet era, next to the convenience store store to provide greater profitability. However, the "education" for the store is the most important challenge facing the store.

, Ye Yu, founder of Tencent technology, said, to create a community business ecosystem, is their ultimate goal, but at present, how to "education" to facilitate the owners face greater challenges.

it is understood that the next shop since April this year on line, the number of successful transactions per day in 100 or so, from the user’s behavior, Saturday’s order is the largest. Next to the store will be free delivery, the amount is set at a minimum consumption of 30 yuan, but according to statistics, the current unit price of 50, 60 yuan. Ye Yu said that the unit price is 2 times the unit price of convenience stores and telephone shoppers. This is mainly online shopping, the potential needs of the embodiment.

1. traffic content is king, profit model

"of course, this education."

, "man, I am, I turn" does not work, the current site competition is quite exciting, and soon there will be a type of Web site with you, or the same content as your web site. Now the competition has been upgraded, from content competition, SEO competition, user experience, brand competition upgrade to profit mode competition. The profit model will determine the fate of the enterprise, which is why today’s Knight wants to write this article about the website profit model.

in the Internet era, next to the convenience store store to provide greater profitability. However, the "education" for the store is the most important challenge facing the store.

next shop operating logic is very simple, do offline community convenience store online sales platform, users can buy online from his nearest convenience store goods, convenience stores free delivery within 20 minutes.

now, Chaoyang, Tongzhou, Fengtai, three cooperation, convenience stores, service capacity is strongest. This is mainly because the high-rise new residential areas in these areas are more intensive, the staff density in these areas is larger, more young people prefer snacks. At present, there are over 60 thousand kinds of goods online, mainly beverages, snacks and other fmcg.

following the old food Youbao vending machine for the new, give life to the concept of things, but also a pioneering project next store in the convenience store industry, for the integration of the convenience store next line resources, lead them "collective shock.

currently, the next shop promotion is mainly for the traditional offline promotion, that is, issuing posters, placing business cards in convenience stores and other forms, while not regularly in different residential activities roadshow. Ye Yu said, offline promotion efficiency is actually low, because the final behavior will happen online. The reason for the initial line first, the main task is currently the most important, for offline merchants. The future will soon be online promotion.

used to do business there is a concept called "I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I turn, do the webmaster should also use this idea to make a station, this is our basic idea of success for ever. But now this idea is out of date, and now the Internet competition has reached a white hot stage. You have a personal homepage class website, how can the development of a station.

Ye Yu introduction, the neighbor shop has now reached cooperation with more than 1600 Beijing stores, shop types are small and medium community convenience stores, which is two couples shop as a typical. At the same time, the adjacent shop is also increasing the daily rate of 20 cooperative stores, expanding the scale.

2. profit model by selling products

in China, the most easy to fight is the price war, the more the best-selling products will be more price war, so this profit is getting thinner and thinner. The best example is the IDC industry, originally in 2005 years ago, the virtual host is very popular fire, and now too many individuals to join, agents increased, making this industry difficult to do. Originally light >

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