Network media is becoming mainstreamZhou Hongyi saying poor people can’t start a business is a rip o

article said that many entrepreneurs because of the poor, money saving, particularly stingy old, do not want to spend money to do great things, but also ask, if you do not spend money to work, the BAT paying so much of the market pr > stem

, in December 23rd 360 of the media reception, Zhou Hongyi thanked Ma Yun for his speech in the church, and to laugh a bit recently stopped after LETV, he said: this year, some enterprises to realize their own not too greedy to do what, then make money. … Really – – tear force Frank Boy

I want to say, if the poor should not start their own business, then who should China do poineering work?


, I saw an article saying that poor people can’t start a business. I rarely curse people, but I really can not help but ask, which silly hat written? Why does he write so? Tyrant can be confused investors, the article logic is very wrong.

however, it is because of his tear forced property, many people hate to hate his teeth, but really love his people that he and frank and straightforward.

in the Internet community, stubborn personality, blunt also comes with tear force attributes, Zhou Hongyi is certainly one of them, some media even gave him a nickname "cannon".

is expected to newspaper and magazine advertising investment market share will decline by the end of 2005, the newspaper advertising investment market share will reach 29.8% in the global advertising market investment, but by 2007 is expected to decline to 29.3%. Internet advertising investment market share this year will reach 3.8%, by 2007 is expected to rise to 4.4%. In 2004, Internet advertising investment grew by 21% in Internet advertising investment.

Abstract: in large companies, including 360, we engage in so-called internal entrepreneurship, internal incubation, I think it is a false start. Because the biggest difference between him and entrepreneurs is that the outside entrepreneurs will face the problem of life and death, and some entrepreneurs may go down, but some entrepreneurs will be inspired by the wireless potential.

these years, many rich two generations began to start their business, and there are also "poor people should not start business", "rich two generations of entrepreneurship easier to succeed" and other voices. Zhou Hongyi, as an entrepreneur who has already made some achievements, has a different view of entrepreneurship. He has different ideas from others:

This is not !

poor people should start a business. Because many entrepreneurs in the absence of people less money, only force themselves to do more ground gas things, only force themselves to make the ultimate innovation.

, according to a new study French advertising group Publicis company ZenithOptimedia department show that in 2006 global advertising investment market, although the TV advertising investment market share will rise to 37.9%, but in 2007 will decline to 37.8%.

according to the advertising industry forecast released Monday, 2007 global advertising investment will continue to shift to the Internet, TV advertising investment market will continue to decline.

and other entrepreneurs for proper communication can, but in the general assembly out of order of no use, ease of grinding products is the right way.

I think, in fact, today, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are poor people, we expect to change the status quo through entrepreneurship, I think it is understandable. Moreover, many successful entrepreneurs have transformed themselves into a very noble image, as if he were born with such a high mind, but this is not the case.

enterprises do not make money shameful, relying solely on speculation, PPT conference to do a good brand


1. Poor people should start a business. Poverty can drive innovation and potential,

Publicis company raised the global advertising investment market expectations, the company’s 2005 global advertising investment will grow by 5% compared to the same period originally expected to rise to 5.4% in 2006, the investment has increased from 8% to 6.5%, in 2007 it increased from 5.8% to 6.1%.

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