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, you can see the team you created in the left column:

invites members, you can enter your member’s registered mailbox, or you can set membership permissions

After you click

, this is the Worktile interface:


now, whether it is the doctrine of Mandarin, tasting wine and other financial, technical, or poetry, drama and other non technology, a sudden burst of fire, a counter before knowledge of the unpopular position. In the past ten years, the domestic users on the one hand is the money has been running on the other hand, knowledge is useless, money is the expert. The anti intellectual trend, led directly to the knowledge of cheap and unpopular.


team has done for every project and every activity, the computer will store the same N document with a different name, work contents, document resource is very fragmented, has seriously affected the work efficiency.

first talk about the establishment of team projects and the management of team projects.

but with the upgrading of consumption, online payment under conditions such as the completion of the conditions, and at the same time, the individual consciousness is unprecedentedly strong, and more and more pursuit of self realization and value. As a result, the demand for knowledge emerged as a result of a variety of psychological needs, such as self-improvement, or vanity, or a sense of security. The Internet community, which has always advocated "free ism", has begun to find out that in the field of knowledge, new business opportunities can also be found. The cost of knowledge has reached an unprecedented level of enthusiasm.

fill in the project name >

" in human history, authors · Li Hera presents a hitherto unknown view: gossip and let the human story eventually became the master of all things. Due to a fortuitous genetic mutation, a cognitive revolution was brought about for Homo sapiens the ancestor of modern people. Let them think in an unprecedented way and communicate in a completely new language. Gradually, humans learned to gossip, and later learned to tell stories, so that in many races, Homo sapiens eventually became the top of the food chain.


for the team


reviewing the development of human civilization is actually a process of discovery, collation and application of knowledge. Aristotle said that there are two broad categories of knowledge: the first is technical, and the other is nontechnical. Technical knowledge is used to solve substantive problems, and is very important to economic development. Rather than technical knowledge, it is the spiritual guidance and promotion of human nature. The synergy of the two kinds of knowledge has contributed to the development of human civilization.

behind the webmaster conference, met a friend, do is collaborative office platform, called Worktile:https://worktile, domestic, also got the vc. At that time, I felt nothing. I had the impression of taking notes. Later, when I talked with a member of Ozawa, I found that the team was strong.

shared documents with Dropbox, the results were walled out. Using an impression note, you can only share a team note with each account, and each time you type it. There has been no good solution to the arrangement of the plan task.

later, Ozawa introduced this tool, the current use of a month fast, my small partners and I feel good, this tool is suitable for my team to use such. So take it out and share it, if you have your own team, you can experience it.

If the

is to establish physical cognitive impression preliminary, so language is for the impression of the output, communication is for the propagation of events, the story is the event of packaging and processing, while the knowledge is on the front of the four according to certain logic comprehensive sorting, extraction, analysis. More importantly, the continuity of knowledge, inheritance, upgrading, iteration and other properties, so that the entire human society has entered a new stage. In the era of mobile Internet, the integration and dissemination of knowledge show more forms. The best thing in the world is to pay for knowledge.

knowledge payment appear in China?

Since the

, click New in the upper right corner, and select new team:

Why does the spring of

Chinese Internet


input team name and Description:


is set up, click on the submission below to invite your team members to

the page is divided into three columns, the left side is navigation, the middle is the latest list, the right side is task statistics, and today’s task reminder. It’s much better if the interface is added to the template style.

from the beginning of the second half of 2016, including the tide of knowledge pay, know peace, Himalaya have launched multiple payment products and knowledge courses, including Li Xiaolai, Ma Lake and numerous large coffee in the classroom and lecture column form, hit an amazing record a next record, such as Li Xiaolai.


click on the item on the right to create the project





click on the test team to invite members of course, members must register good accounts

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