Graphic analysis of different point of mobile search and desktop search

however, when we search for tourist attractions, the search results will appear different. Top love Shanghai mobile search is the same way network, and there is a big box on the phone number is displayed, and the love of Shanghai is based on the IP desktop search position, determine the corresponding search results.

With the popularity of smart mobile phone

love Shanghai and the differences between the

in fact, love Shanghai and Google mobile search function is similar. Love Shanghai more commercial and user friendly, but Google is still to fulfill its commitment if "no evil".


The difference between the

mobile user search behavior

, mobile search traffic is also growing. Many people think that mobile mobile search engine optimization search engine optimization and desktop search engine optimization and not very different from what. The beginning I also think that not what big difference, and later with the range of search keywords is constantly expanding, I gradually found that the difference between the two.

in fact, the ranking algorithm of mobile search relative chaos. It would be easier to display local search results, because the vast majority of people use mobile devices.


from the above picture, we can see the use of common words, love Shanghai mobile search and desktop search results is identical. The only difference is the love Shanghai encyclopedia is displayed in the mobile phone version, so you can get a better ranking.

Google mobile search


love Shanghai mobile search and desktop search the difference between

mobile search and desktop search

with the development of wireless technology and intelligent mobile phone, surfing the Internet more and more people use mobile phone, mobile search engine optimization becomes more and more important. So far, between mobile search and desktop search and the difference is not significant, but with the mobile search engine search results to meet the constantly changing mobile environment and respond to potential competitors desktop search, mobile search and desktop search in the near future will become more and more different. For mobile search engine optimization, search engine optimization will involve more analytical work on mobile search.

in the mobile terminal equipment, few users will search, such as: Shanghai dragon network optimization is to search some words, the opposite can solve their problems around words such as: snack shops, tourist attractions, bus routes and so on. With the gesture language search and other search, mobile search mode is becoming more and more popular, many mobile users no longer need to love Shanghai home to search for information. We can query a keyword in the search of mobile devices by using the Google AdWords tool, as shown below.

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