Analysis of the causes of the article not included on the site factors lead to

station is so many enterprises now, almost all of the content page is not much difference between the content of the web site, such as logistics is the similarity is too high, such as Beijing to other city logistics, many sites is the city name change, the other content is entirely the many articles as like as two peas, certainly will not be included in the enterprise and love Shanghai, station in the pictures, the picture name writing is also very unique, such as: inflatable toys, inflatable toys, inflatable 1 2 toy 3…… This content can only be said to do bad, not included only fate.


article is love Shanghai included, in addition to the quality depends on the outside, still need to see some factors of the site itself, including the quality of the article, whether the original content, the general love of Shanghai is not included in the repeat rate is too high, but also the readability and relevance, some articles are readable is very poor, not even in line with the theme of the site content, the search engine will not included, even if included, the survival time is not long, removed is expected to do.

in addition to the content quality, but also with some factors related to the site, it is not difficult to find the contents on the website, some were included, have not been included, in fact, a lot of high weight website and not be 100 percent, than the A5 webmaster articles, the last published an article on the website Shanghai Longfeng paper, because the station is too high that the comments, and were not included, analysis of total personal think some factors that hinder the station not included:


site overall weight of low impact

not includedI like

included site overall weight effect of the content of the website, regardless of the quality of how many sites are the need of a long transition period, only when the site has some weight, the content will slowly be included; the website often add columns or enable two domain is very normal, the column weight of new affirmation is very low, with the two level domain for example, even if the weight high website, a new two level domain name, it is the equivalent of a new, low weight to only a lot of articles do not be included.

1, the links lead to excessive

factors summed up his own lead text >

station page content similarity is too high

A5 in this article, the feeling is because the article reviews, the generated links caused by excessive articles will not be included; now because of Shanghai dragon knowledge "indoctrination", the importance of the chain can be seen in many articles, many webmaster began to station optimization work each article do anchor text links, or some related guide links, but sometimes not good grasp, resulting in the link too much from the site analysis is not difficult to find, many articles content links, website weight is a little low search engines are not included, and too many links is not conducive to the user’s reading.

3, The station is above three

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