Hawke a share for two weeks to achieve site outside the chain 3 times to enhance skills

, a web site page, content chain


I set the number of columns in the real estate website, including the purchase of knowledge, industry dynamics, and then arrange an editor daily published 8 article, knowledge website information source, it is easier to edit, more dynamic lock industry publishing point, real estate information. In the editing process, strictly regulate the work flow, the repetition rate of the title shall not exceed 5, the end of the first two paragraphs must be original, keywords to add links. At the same time, at the end of a line and text, as shown below:

on each page, I will add the URL of the website, so that once the content is love Shanghai included, the chain will be increased, while the weight is low, but as the site of a step by step development, ZhengZhan weight up, the chain will turn on the home page, this effect is similar to a snowball start, is not easy, but once rolling up, will snowball. This truth, believe that many webmaster can identify.

in the increase of the chain work.

Three, improve the : a two fold increase in only two weeks Wailian

four, the promotion of soft paper, reproduced fly

said I am currently in charge of the real estate websites, mainly to do Changchun second-hand housing and rental, and bank loan business, this platform in the planning stage, I made some functional planning aspects of the work, and to improve the content of the website and the chain. Next I will talk about the real estate website is how to achieve the chain increased 3 times in two weeks.

a few days ago to share with you a little experience in the construction of the chain, seemingly everyone is not very cold. It seems that everyone is doing business in Kazakhstan, I today and you talk about the topic of the chain.

two, the specification of the editing process, the


is shown in figure

recommended reading program update rate of

page is love Shanghai included, also need to constantly update the recommended reading programs to improve Shanghai love weight, so as to maximize the power of the chain. I am in the page, set the "news" and "buy common sense" two small column, the two column is achieved through the process of automatic updates, without manpower, can make the weight of each page in the continuous rolling. As a result, a lot of small rolling snowball, eventually converging to the snowball rolling. When a big snowball gathering numerous avalanches, can achieve the ultimate goal of website optimization.

release property

shown above this text, can play two roles: one is to increase the link anchor text keywords and URLs, one is to strengthen the originality, improve the rate of Shanghai included love. Through the above operation, as long as it is a junior clerk, you can achieve the hundred percent love Shanghai included.

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