Analysis of the growing tail words flow

The deployment of the long tail keywords:

the first point: the long tail keywords contain the target keywords;

long tail keywords is a very important part of Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, each a long tail keywords are likely to bring traffic to your site. Generally a larger site, the main source of flow may by the long tail keywords, because the site in addition to the target keywords, then only the long tail keywords.


long tail keywords deployment is very flexible, normally deployed in the channel page, column page, content page. This is one of the biggest characteristics of long tail keywords. At the same time, or specific industry competitiveness ten >

of a website is the "construction site", then the "construction site where home is good", "website construction who is cheap". Two examples of this are carried out around the word "construction site", and are in the form of a word of the show.

second: the number of long tail keywords character is longer than the target keywords;

long tail keywords and target keywords corresponding. The key is the long tail keywords from the literal meaning of it. Long tail keywords usually consists of more than 2 words or phrases or even a word, although called long tail keywords, but may also be a word. Long tail keywords typically contain the target keywords. One example:

The characteristics of long tail keywords:

is the biggest characteristic of long tail keywords in the web site can be an unlimited amount of display, because of its single bring flow is small, but the overall flow of the website can be supplemented with huge quantity, this is the biggest characteristic of the long tail keywords. In addition, because of its long tail keywords and love Shanghai know know quiz platform mechanism together to create users, so we can answer column set according to the website by the user needs, for the relevant issues in search engines to choose the real answer. Relative to the target keywords, long tail keywords ranking more easily, if the long tail keywords layout in the content page, so we can through the high quality content and optimized, so the long tail keywords rankings will very quickly.

sixth: the long tail keywords ranking easier.

long tail keywords generally involves: definition, characteristic, difference, deployment, mining and optimization.

fifth: the long tail keywords infinite number;

and the long tail keywords Keywords:

fourth: the long tail keywords to get traffic is relatively small;

The definition of long tail keywords: Keywords

third: the long tail keywords deployed in column page or the content page;

The difference between

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