Experience sharing how can we keep a good search engine spiders

(two) with the chain let the spider crawl the website more frequently.

in addition to the chain, we also need to be Links, because the chain in the chain which belongs to one of the most high quality, it guides the site and the weights of the site to share, so it is necessary that we should increase the friendship to their website, but must remember better the website related, if the webmaster friends have the capital you can choose to buy some high weight portal site link that is also very good oh.

in addition to the use of the form of the chain to attract the spider, the site itself is the content of our requirements are very high, because we all know that the search engine is very popular for high quality original content, give weight is very high, so we in the chain at the same time must give their website content to well, do not do a lot of collection of other site content using collection tools, it is very easy to be down the right punishment, here I recommend the original and pseudo original article form oh. There is, we can appropriate the incorporation of some sites within the chain, so that the internal website spider crawling and better.

(three) with fresh feed to feed the spider.

for new sites we all know that the search engine spiders are not very interested, but not easy to be found included, so the first thing we should do is to make your site were submitted to the various search engines, so that the search engines know your website, and then through the search engine spiders crawling your site information to in the assessment period, included, the normal operation of the website.

(a) site.

every webmaster all know the search engine is through the form of a spider to grab our site, which is submitted to a search engine for display. So from this we can see the spider is very important for the friendliness of a website, also is the site of weight spider frequented are not bad, but for those spiders are not once a hundred years the website ranking is needless to say. So we should keep a good "spider", so how to keep good? Today I will share with you some experience.

(five) site map weight >

for new sites, even if the search engines are often included in the site, but the snapshot is not normal, so after we submitted to the search engines over the site, we still need to take the initiative, let the spider fast understanding of our website. Then we need to start our work outside the chain, to attract a large number of spider crawling to our website through the chain to release some outside the chain of some of the weight of good forum and blog, so that our purpose has been achieved, but remember one thing is the chain is a long stick to work. The webmaster do not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

(four) Links is very important.

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