Expose a liar everybodyOne has done pyramid scheme of investors from the black series brand market h

author Iris WeChat 835661681, subscription number hikanjian, BP mailbox [email protected] in the Internet early investment, this paper records and personal understanding of nonstandard analysis, sh419 to the restrictions and fetters would not be meaningful, welcome the industry to discuss the exchange.

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:11:05

, this is part of it,

, this is a random ID card, and so do I. what’s the relationship with cheating?




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doesn’t change his nickname… 19:09:35

…… 19:22:35

wait a minute,

…… 19:10:52

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:14:31


…… 19:15:54

, do you have any cheat software?

is the build data

·: "MLM" origins of Enlightenment: cross border easier to obtain high returns

·: the implications of the "pyramid selling" Madness: the game of hope and probability


what’s the price? Is it all right,

…… 19:22:29

I have no reliable "pioneering", well aware of the hardships and helplessness, now look back from the angle of investment business, found that if entrepreneurs pay more attention to the internal and external strategy, how to understand the investment logic, can walk less detours, unnecessary suffering can eat, efficiency and quality of the enterprise "industry" it can also improve. For individual non full-time investors, too, there is a more reliable methodology that can reduce property losses as much as possible and increase investment efficiency and returns. One of the main idea is to improve the efficiency of the Internet to promote the transparency of information, in order to entrepreneurs and non institutional investors to provide more ideas to improve the efficiency of the flesh, I decided to break one year since the "rational", "self destruct" share of personal "MLM" experiences and the enlightenment the.

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:12:53

…… 19:15:56

…… 19:18:30

recently did not want to write the report, too many readers to buckle figures are accurate, every time I want to say is this significance, it is important to magnitude and trend, but more important is to see the numbers and their business models can relate to the content of the decision efficiency of work, but also directly affect the the personal development speed. I want to write something interesting, some records thinking, I think not too much is not necessarily correct, but still believe that some brain hole is not necessarily a bad thing, it will be slightly slow, about the brain hole thing in the second half, worry can be directly from the middle view.

well, the 2 are separated,

, can you give me a screenshot of cheating,

good use, bad, I do not say, I use it well, but how you use, I do not know, after all, everyone’s habits are different,

…… 19:14:17

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:23:32

marketing, as a kind of market marketing method, but also can let a person associate to have contradiction of "success" and "cheating", makes many governments for legislation, investigate its origin to crazy spread to government control, the logic behind it is worth pondering. Recently, I’m going to use a few essays to explore the implications of the next MLM:


…… 19:18:21


…… 19:18:38

"pyramid" is a word low in the hearts of many people, but because.

…… 19:24:37

only then MLM experiences for several months, but the replay was interrupted last for years, a few years ago the game design and operation work using the effect of the method which is really good, now do investment is finding the value.

…… 19:10:51

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:15:59



·: Revelations from pyramid schemes: the tragedy of over replicating

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:19:36

saw an article in ADMIN5 the other day, "how do I earn 300 dollars a day"? Listen to me and contact him. Here are my chats with him"……" Is the liar’s screen name, my net name "do not change your nickname."

hangs chat rooms and cheats,

…… 19:12:17

how many parts does it have,

, this is only a part of



is there any other part that can also cut a graph?

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