How to optimize the website pictures

When Matters related to repeat

keyword is suspected, a lot of web page has multiple pictures, the worst thing is they of the picture ALT keyword set is basically all throughout the (very high degree of repetition), this can be regarded as the keyword search engine.

reduce the degree of duplication page, the site for many product categories, their orders are basically the same set of characters, in this case we clever use of pictures instead of this order system, and then combined with the alt attribute to the difference.

In fact,

website to increase repeatability for those collection picture, if not the alt attribute would be appropriate to optimize the picture there is a very high degree of repetition, if the page with a lot of pictures on display, text without actually makes a high degree of repetition between web pages, a lot of cases that use the alt attribute of no avail.

do not add a lot of pictures in the article, a lot of redundancy pictures on a web page search engine is not friendly, recommended the site for pictures like atlas form, through this form of the picture in the search engine will get good rankings show.

when we have a lot of time on image processing of the image size often forget to re sampling, and then compressed image size. Many webmaster friends, especially the original picture needs very urgent webmaster, picture collection upload sites through the camera before, most of them will forget to deal with the consequences of the image size, pixel camera as can be imagined.

Alt set

opened in the "not normal, an overview of the alt attribute to a user display pictures and articles.

"dutushidai", "picture is truth", "combination" and other words in the network expression index rising reflect the user’s picture of the rigid demand, in addition to Robin Li a few months ago in Shanghai love Union summit prospective prediction: "the development of the image application by leaps and bounds in the near future." The needs of users on the picture is quite hungry.

Note that the picture size

since there is a demand, webmaster want to do is to meet the demand, and thus retain users, but I want to say that we should not only add pictures to meet user needs, should be through some necessary optimization settings to meet the demand of image search engine, and achieve good rankings. Set the optimization for site pictures, the author summarizes the following points:


said the general picture of the optimization in addition to set the general size and quality of surface elements are basically on the alt attribute set, the author simply add the benefits of ALT:

on the site open speed is influential, the smaller the better. Here I remind the webmaster two cases:

The size of the


adding pictures

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