How to choose the target keywords and keyword competition analysis method

specification development, there is a need.


how to choose the target keywords in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process is a very important step, we in Shanghai Longfeng concept first talked about what is the target keywords, target keywords is one of the most important concepts in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then we should be how to choose the target keywords

so, when you have mastered the basic principles of how to choose the target keywords, the next step is how to conduct competitive analysis keywords! We through the Shanghai dragon case to analyze

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select the target keywords in line with their own strength, in accordance with their core target keywords.

do not choose keywords too low flow, the flow is too low even if the optimization ranking is very good, it is difficult to obtain high search.

, select the target keywords generally follow the necessary principle:

do not choose keywords high traffic, such as the Shanghai Dragon Charm target keywords are: Shanghai dragon tutorial network promotion way; then we must know that if the target keywords for Shanghai dragon, then you should get more traffic. However, we must consider their own strength, and I think I am now, I certainly do not win the Shanghai dragon WHY, so I would avoid the popular keywords, select the target keywords other, but also in line with our website theme. Shanghai dragon to spread ideas, let more people understand the Shanghai dragon, but also to provide quality service and optimization of Shanghai dragon network promotion way for more enterprises to improve the application of Shanghai dragon in the enterprise.

two, how to carry out the competitive analysis, through a keyword search similar love Shanghai, SOSO search, noble baby search drop-down box to prompt to query keywords you need. For example, the core of Shanghai Longfeng charm of the theme of the site is around the Shanghai Phoenix to start, but the Shanghai dragon is a top popular keywords, which for a novice new website, is definitely difficult to make up. So we search for the Shanghai dragon derived words, to select the target keywords you want. Keywords on competition analysis also need to refer to these factors: age, site site scale, operational subject and even number, the PR value, Shanghai dragon operation method is mature system.

development plan and is expected to flow to determine a development of the main keywords, be of great advantage to enhance the site traffic. Such as: the beginning of Shanghai dragon can determine the optimization of keywords, the future with website development, Shanghai dragon search results will also have a good ranking.

does not select the search engine home page is full of keywords ranking possession. For example, we love Shanghai input your keywords, the first page in front of the index can see ten sites, if these ten stations are PPC, so we choose this word meaning is not.

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