Traffic is king is Shanghai dragon thinking poison

on the flow guide, in fact we often say that the user experience, purpose is through the association of quality content and ingenious content to visitors a step by step guide to the transaction page, the final completion of the transaction. The flow of screening is much more complicated, the need for subsequent continuous interaction, usually need to lead the visitor to micro-blog, WeChat or mailing list, with a different content to dig out potential customers.

is the introduction, began a touch of luck. Our impression of the Shanghai Phoenix are responsible for the introduction of traffic to flow, as in after the transfer, is not to consider. So, a lot of traffic came just after the lost, finally somehow disappeared.

Internet situation for two days in a three day of urine, stool, if not the old concept of Shanghai Longfeng excretion of moldy out timely, then it really is siyouyugu. When the flood came, the fastest way to die is still. Now the search engine to control the traffic in Shanghai is no longer one pillar to prop up the sky, dragon and Phoenix should change is the flow to the king’s idiotic thinking.


to do Shanghai Longfeng usually ignore these two processes, >

since the micro-blog WeChat search engine, it seems not so popular, but also Shanghai dragon has become more intense darkness without light. Circles spread such atmosphere of terror: no future, no food, Shanghai dragon dying.

traffic flow ah, we do Shanghai dragon heart, is not to let people flow half alive? Don’t forget the heart, die faster. Traffic is king, is a wolf, if you can’t control it, it is best not to come, otherwise it is.

traditional Shanghai dragon thinking is through the keywords ranking to get traffic, but also love red hot keywords; a good point, will do massive long tail; have the resources to build a brand, direct their own words. No matter how the operation method, the purpose is to introduce the flow. However, after the introduction of

flow loss is normal, your site is not Mack daddy, of course not captured the hearts of all beings. However, this does not mean that you can make the flow let things drift. The traditional thinking of Shanghai dragon missing is guided and screening on the flow of thinking. If the Shanghai dragon just stay in the drainage of this step is equivalent to sales remain in the "simple push" stage, although very enjoyable, but very naive.

In fact,

Shanghai dragon is a relatively mysterious occupation in Chinese, to outsiders, it seems like a high technology content, how to explain the mom and dad are not clear. But in the insider view, and often look down on their own emotions, they think it is very hard to force the two occupation, status is not good. Even if someone is rich, only muffled fortune, because Shanghai Longfeng like how also high-profile up. Anyway, this industry is not clear.

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