The Shanghai dragon Er how the link is a good link

page, the weights of each link can get less, so try to find the number of outbound links less page exchange. If the page search results in a new snapshot, the page search engines are often picked up again. It is our important reference snapshot. No 90% are at least seven or eight new!

the best external links are one-way links active to give each other the webmaster, do not need to link back. Two sites are linked to each other, the weight is much lower than one-way link to. Of course, one-way link exchange is much more difficult than. Because of rare, so the value is high.

are the number of links and page update snapshot


the best external links appear in the text, because only in the text is most likely with spontaneous link editing meaning. Footer, left or right of navigation in the advertising part, specially set up Links pages are the most common trading links and link exchange position.

Spontaneous Outbound links more

and editing

in addition to the overall weight and website ranking, a page weight and ranking ability is also need to pay attention to the place. In addition to the use of home exchange links, get links from other web page is difficult, from the content page for the link is much easier.

Shanghai dragon Er, usually edu, spam gov domain is relatively small, and because of these sites and with other governments, education, scientific research institutions, to make high quality external links opportunities than commercial websites is much higher. So in this website are the external links are generally better. In this paper, by shaping the news 贵族宝贝zx.dfho>

one-way links

is looking for the best search link, other website home page target keywords, you can also search other websites, how to look at rankings. The higher ranking, the higher the weight that other site.

page weight and ranking

anchor text

domain name weight and ranking

from gov, edu domain name


the following brief discussion of good external links should possess the following conditions:

is a good link to other webmaster provide voluntary, and usually editor webmaster, that is to say to a concept in the article, think your page is the best and most authoritative, to link to your page. This makes sense.

anchor text in the target keywords is the best external links, there is a large proportion in the search engine ranking algorithm. Anchor text density can not be more concentrated, deliberately optimized too obvious, if not natural, also will be punished, so when possible, from the important pages as far as possible the use of target keywords do anchor text.

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