The Shanghai dragon training has not come easy


Shanghai, with the increasing number, the industry becomes more competitive, more and more challenging, in a few years ago very few people, it is also relatively easy, found from the Shanghai love index query keyword search, 2006 Shanghai dragon is only more than 200, 2012 reached more than 10000 on the search volume. Can be seen from the Shanghai dragon in this industry has become a hot industry. Figure:

industry personnel, now Shanghai dragon has not so simple, simply rely on the support of the chain is very difficult to get good rankings, and the search engine algorithm to continuously improve the user experience, this one has become the symbol of Shanghai dragon optimization. As the user experience but the real practice All the world knows., is not a simple matter, you need to have a solid foundation of Shanghai Longfeng, need to have sufficient knowledge and some experience of search engine, in order to frame for the user experience of the website, the content and the chain can be smoothly done or easily solved with enough executive in fact; force, ideas and not to implement, can never become a reality, Shanghai dragon optimization is also so many owners in the industry, the industry still has enough experience and ideas also have money, but often sometimes is because of execution and fall, after all, Shanghai dragon is already after all complicated things.

is well-known Shanghai dragon training institutions believe needless to say, we all know that these training institutions have not too much publicity and promotion, only through word-of-mouth publicity, can get a lot of training; and at their training institutions, in addition to the need to maintain the keywords ranking, but also a certain case, to convince people, a Shanghai dragon keywords training can let us do a simple enough, after all many webmaster in looting, trainers are smart people, if their sites are not ranked, talk about how to make their site has good rankings

To increase development, ?>

, a well-known training institutions "monopoly"

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon search before training eight pages are training the word home competition Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can be seen training is already a lot of institutions in the competition, from industry analysis, training has polarized momentum, early debut training institutions have a certain reputation, relatively speaking, now just started training the mechanism has soon become difficult.

for today’s fierce Shanghai dragon industry, new friends still have the chance? In fact each profession will have a good chance, the key is to see how their learning, Shanghai dragon training is increased knowledge and skills of a good channel, but we found that training institutions are increasing, from the Shanghai dragon training index we can find that, from the day the search volume of 06 years to 0, now the search volume reached two thousand or three thousand can be seen, as shown in figure


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