The importance of product design for Shanghai Dragon

analysis on the website recently more and more let me realize the importance of product design for Shanghai dragon. Crazy page user experience, especially the design of website structure, change to do a large-scale change, do not change and it is not reasonable, and not easy to optimize, is really a headache. Complete the Shanghai dragon post is to understand the product design, because the station optimization of Shanghai dragon, it is the base of product design.

so, what is the product design?? for a large business site of Internet companies, product design basically covers all the contents of the website, a website is the company’s complete product, each page and inside the website, each service is one of the small product design process of these products should take into account the product quality, user acceptance and the expected results, so a good product manager is destined to be a comprehensive talent.

Need to pay attention to the

is basically a one-time work, after the architecture defined, then make changes will become very troublesome. Site architecture design, the main thing is to form a website chart, including catalog graph, path graph, and the two is a little influence on the Shanghai dragon. We should pay attention to the reasonable relationship directory and directory depth directory. The path should pay attention to URL treatment (static and dynamic etc.), writing and the depth of URL. These things are basically determined it is difficult to modify, a good product design need to have basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

keyword density related to the above mentioned user experience and content editing. General >

4. density

which is communicated with the Shanghai dragon, the ultimate goal is to improve the user experience of conversion, collaborative product, UI, to Shanghai dragon and other positions of.

personally think that the product design and the Shanghai dragon is closely related to the following main points:

editor is generally belongs to the product department, their impact on the Shanghai, needless to say, Shanghai, the need for relevant training of editors.


1. website architecture

2. user experience

forum function setting involves keyword, page relevance of Shanghai Longfeng elements. In addition to set reasonable information call section, Links tag section will have a significant impact on the Shanghai dragon. After all, the number of the final page is quite large, reasonable is a large and medium-sized website Shanghai dragon of the important aspects of the ultimate factors such as the weight of the page.


user experience is the layout of function module settings and associated information call.


3. content editor


related information is mainly affecting the internal network structure, the site within the chain and so on, also has a great influence on the depth of view.

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