Ranking Shanghai dragon eyes pierced at workers Dark Dawn

however, this ranking, even flash, the target site of the webmaster, is not a false meaningless things. According to the special experience of Hong, which means the key words in the very great degree above has reached Shanghai love search results related to the strength of the first. Because the target site weight, new effect and other similar sites because of competition and so on, in the event of early this ranking, basically will show considerable instability, which is generally half of the market. But they know that as long as once the Hong excellent rankings so, that is the search engine directly in the express to you the Shanghai dragon Er make unmistakable: This is an understanding of your keywords can occupy the position.

is the general experience in Hong Shanghai, remind yourself of good rankings usually in a keyword shown above, is that any one flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, Shanghai dragon Er saw such a result, must not be very pleased with oneself, because it will bring you directly down, this emotional contrast will affect your entire Shanghai Longfeng working state, you are right when it is done on a roller coaster ride, or where to go back and honestly.

why? Because according to the special Hong existing experience value, the ranking order is generally not continue for a long time. Very not easy to get the key words in Shanghai love search first. Always want to stay in this position for a long time, in fact, it can only become a Shanghai dragon er a good wish. The next change, but Hong think you can predict is: this ranking in the afternoon of the same day to disappear. If no accident, what are the emerging industries and emerging industries in this evening, will return to love Shanghai in third place, because this morning is the two words come up from this position above.

The reason

such a ranking, can be said to all the Shanghai dragon Er, it is good for. The results for the pleasure of Shanghai dragon Er lasts a long time, even far continued to exceed this result itself.

, make a screenshot of this situation today, I just want to express a special to the general target site in Hong Shanghai Longfeng work encountered, it will provide valuable help for the future sustainability of Shanghai Longfeng work. Perhaps, this screenshot also can become a target site in close to the good ranking for navigation lights.

this is a special target site in Hong 2011.5.9 morning. From this screenshot you can see inside, now the site keywords set, there are three sports to love the first position in Shanghai. In this case the 5.8 morning is the same appeared. A similar situation, Shanghai dragon in the process of the target site also appeared in a number of times. However, the next thing is that the ranking and the back phenomenon.

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