Shanghai love search traffic and a major upgrade _ keyword tools webmaster information _ love Shangh

function can give the key words in web search and search the entire network revenue income accounted for, but also can give the key words under the influence of the site index and returns the best influence index, it can be seen that the gap and space optimization.  

binding station for data analysis, Webmaster Platform was upgraded to flow with the keyword tool, ("key influence") launched a new concept.

3. "key influence" of this new data, to help owners understand keywords Shanghai dragon, the auxiliary judgment keyword optimization space and cost

flow and key words after the upgrade, mobile search and data analysis function of PC to do the same, greatly shorten the data update time than before!


tool temporarily on-line only in Webmaster Platform mobile terminal, you can scan two-dimensional code quick login!

2. details page, provide specific keywords in the PC search and mobile search under the influence of the past 30 days, and to guide the flow of keywords ranking

is currently in the main proceeds as follows:

Keywords The

when the owners have focused on the optimization of keywords, the keywords influence function can know the keyword optimization effect, if the rising trend shows that the influence of keywords, the optimization effect in ascension.

Check the index keywords and keywords influence change influence yesterday the last 30 days of the

influence of complex algorithms, including the keyword search can love Shanghai for the site to bring all the income index, ranking, Shanghai love to show the amount of search traffic, etc..



1. curve in the webmaster can flow and the influence of the function in the key words.

Keywords At the same time,

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