Shanghai Longfeng promotion and social media have made incompatible

of Shanghai dragon, we seem to have reached a critical moment, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng slow, entirely dependent on search engines, instability and uncertainty of weakness. While social media highlights a great divide the traffic from search engines and direct user attention, even worse is the horror of social media marketing effect derived therefrom, direct, efficient, lower cost. So, someone asked which is the Shanghai dragon ended the era of social media? How will the Shanghai dragon? We do website optimization promotion is not a new method should be considered from? At the beginning of a period of time, I think a bout the game situation in Shanghai dragon and social media.

in recent years worldwide, such as Facebook, Twitter, youtube and other various social bookmarking functions of social network the outstanding, comprehensive strength can Google compete even on the one hand, the domestic popular social networking sites is renren贵族宝贝, happy net, there is a large portal blog and so on. This trend has changed the pattern of the Internet a lot, including the Shanghai dragon network promotion and marketing. Now everyone can comment on their products through social networks or websites, and their views with their friends to share, this process has a lot of network marketing consciousness of the people get a lot of benefits.

in fact is how? In fact, the marketing and the Shanghai dragon very thorough understanding of the webmaster can feel: Shanghai dragon and social media is not absolute confrontation and exclusion, on the contrary, they should be a kind of contact with each other, complementary indivisible relationship. At this point many predecessors master that after Shanghai Longfeng social media influence Shanghai Longfeng ranking directly effect is more obvious. Shanghai dragon core direct operating part is summed up in two factors: the station optimization and stood outside optimization, the station of Shanghai Dragon: it is by Shanghai dragon Er on the site itself under the time, do Shanghai dragon knows that do well understanding. Generally nothing more than the following: the title of the website optimization, website optimization target keywords, words must be summed up the contents of the precise site. Keywords: keyword tag, reflected in the content of the keyword density, page title, Page > (title)

After entering the

in 2010 for a period of time, social media has the feeling of spring night, a sudden fire. In 2011, social media influence to the whole pattern of the Internet, including the search engine, including website optimization and network marketing of our owners are most concerned about. Prior to this, Shanghai dragon has been the most mainstream means and PPC advertising network marketing mutually complementary pairs. The Shanghai dragon to optimize your site to get traffic from search engines in the future, almost zero cost, low risk way to occupy the grassroots based, in Shanghai after the dragon to win the webmaster to promote their website and a decent return.

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