Shanghai Dragon Gate site optimization article content update indispensable metal detection

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to master the correct keyword density, forced stack keywords to improve the article page ranking is neither reasonable nor necessary, ensure the reasonable distribution of key words in the text, does not affect the perception of reading, is the best effect. Keywords form also can do all kinds of transformation, and not immutable and frozen rigid dogma, using synonyms synonyms, or keywords itself split, is good method.

, the first expansion of website content, updated

understand Simai Ao metal detection door Shanghai dragon website optimization is a systematic and long-term project, its content mainly includes the optimization of internal optimization, external optimization and link optimization in three aspects. The optimization includes META tag, all internal links including internal optimization, and update the content of three parts, the security detail Simai Ao today to talk about the internal optimization of website content update how to do.


second, the news column into home page

third, master the skills and methods of optimization of the

metal detection door website Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques needed to figure out in practice, for a web site, hire a conscious team to do optimization effort, let sites strive for further improvement.

metal detection door Shanghai Longfeng optimization remains one of the important purpose is to update more keywords. Update the high quality article content is brought about by a virtuous cycle: on the one hand, add new content, make the website in search engine ranking all rise, have the ability to seize the various keywords; on the other hand, the content of high quality and make the reference station and traffic volume rising, increase website weight. Therefore the website promotion update, update and ensure high quality, is very important.

enterprise website and portal, with considerable limitations, and general business website basically only includes company profile, product promotion, enterprise dynamic module, and only related to enterprises, update quantity is limited, the relevant keywords say nothing. In this case, the enterprise website can add a column of information is the best. If the conditions are not limited to additional information section, it will focus on the dynamic of this one, try to keep more updates.

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