Love Shanghai search algorithm to adjust the results of recent big Tucao


as the top two chart, small series is not in dispute accidentally exposed his own information of recent attention and personal hobbies, two words respectively for the two vertical product love Shanghai, the results have not too much to say, in a small series of impressions, although love and love the experience of Shanghai Library in Shanghai the user is also very useful, but this motionless on the big screen, really good? Obviously love Shanghai for the product of these two libraries and experience to do a special deal similar to the Aladdin channel, otherwise it will not appear this kind of strange phenomenon, whether it is helpful to enhance the user search experience is anyone’s guess! Just do not assume small Tucao







recently gathered a few Shanghai dragon screen, ZAC see the teacher to write an article "love HIBAR screen inadvertently? Who can only love Shanghai" Pa, ZAC teacher has restored the blog very pleased, after all, when small at first Shanghai dragon ZAC * * * teacher wrote something on I am also greatly affected, although not the true meaning of every one, at least every Monday post is a good thing, after reading this article about love Shanghai screen of the article, some small adjustments to urinate to Tucao love Shanghai recent algorithm, also to remind you webmaster timely adjustment and promotion optimization strategy.

do not know is intentionally or unintentionally, Xiao Bian recently when using the Shanghai love search keywords, there is always the whole page is love Shanghai’s own products, the beginning did not care, think this is the love of Shanghai search results to periodically adjust the accident, see the ZAC teacher to share later in the article, it attracted my attention. Recently in the search information point of their concerns also deliberately put screenshots to retain:

First of all, the sample


algorithm analysis of



as above, will find in the search for some "industry hot words" love Shanghai, search the whole screen has been its own product screen, search results are focused on the second page, this is never the case in the past, small wonder, love Shanghai was deserted to celebrate the double atmosphere? A joke, but it is undeniable that this unexpected phenomenon, if not love Shanghai in search of some test cases, it should be the love of Shanghai quietly in some vertical product was right, the result is obviously not the natural computation otherwise, no big span covering most of the industry, in the face of this result, small series can only spit at the "Shanghai is the original love master screen".

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