Love Shanghai promotion and security alliance certification has been canceled now love Shanghai cre

, any one of Public opinions are divergent. users can comment, as long as there is love in Shanghai account can enter the Shanghai love word of mouth or comments in Shanghai love credibility authentication page. Of course, the webmaster can directly to love Haikou monument brush comments.


two, zhigenzhidi

, a


when I click the "love Shanghai credit certification after the jump to the relevant page, good website page in the upper left corner of the LOGO, look for V," read "credit files", which is the content of the text the credibility of certification, its contents are: organization name card, know as bottom, and adding Public opinions are divergent. the credibility of certification and declaration. We then look down on the details:


The real name authentication, security alliance detection showed






agency name cardName card display name,


Another point is Public opinions are divergent.

is the main content of some Public opinions are divergent. on user comments, and these comments are love Shanghai reputation on the content of information, can be said Public opinions are divergent. is a direct call to the content on the monument to love Haikou. From this point of view, love Shanghai reputation in the future may become a major bright spot, because Haikou fell in love with the monument’s comments will directly affect the credibility of the certification of Shanghai love good and bad.

zhigenzhidi, fell in love with the sea will be the real name authentication and security alliance detection on top, let the user of the site do very well, very well this is not possible because of perfect, click on the real name authentication and security alliance detection when they showed no other content or jump to other pages, so to be seen in. But know too much to let the user know the website real name information.

original love Shanghai promotion authentication:


Now Shanghai credit certification:

website name, verification time, registration number and certification level, these information website information display mechanism, when the user see the agency will confirm the site name card is authentic.



at present, enter some keywords in the search box and love Shanghai to search some natural website ranking, and move the mouse to love Shanghai blue V certification, found no show love Shanghai promotion of identity authentication and authentication security alliance ", but" V has been through the love of Shanghai credit certification". In view of this, Shanghai has to love Shanghai to promote the authentication and Security Alliance certified words cancelled and replaced by love Shanghai credit certification. As shown in figure


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