How to select the site keywords

keywords in the pit. The actual words seem easy, greatly small pit very much, must be treated with caution, we need to avoid or jumped out immediately.

then came the question? How to select the site keywords? Please see:

search volume index, can love Shanghai love Shanghai Phoenix Nest (love Shanghai, Jinhua promotion background) keywords tools to check the sample as follows:

the above represents only personal opinions, welcome everybody clap brick wise remark of an experienced person.


as the Internet, we must have the "Keywords" must be very familiar with it, you must also know the role, is to enhance the display volume and thus enhance the site traffic.

second: select the target keywords. Select the target keywords, many methods, such as (1) website related words (2) through the relevant search and selection of reverie (3) choose the brand word, target keywords competitors (4) find the flow statistics in the word (5) relevant keywords typos etc.. The number of core keywords is usually 1~2, and the number of target keywords is better (not considering external factors, such as team spirit etc.).

pit 8: to put too much effort on a ranking has no longer climb words.

brief summary of those years I met the pit:

related search word example:

pit 7: search volume is good, but before three, after the two were all PPC occupy.

pit 5: tool shows no love Shanghai index, no search amount of words is not a good word, without optimization.

pit 6: multiple pages use the same words caused by internal competition.

first step: pick out the core keywords and website brand word. According to the content of the website and the industry, competitors, potential value of information to choose.

2: too entangled in the pit and love Shanghai search volume index, only the reference data, even if the first row can generally into the traffic will not exceed the reference value of 2/3.

Pit 3: search volume is not high, with the inside pages to the top 10 most competitive is the home page of the word.

Pit 1: core keyword search volume is less than or equal to 50, and there is no potential.


pit 4: a new start of target keywords positioning is full search volume of more than 1000 words.

love Shanghai search volume


The third step: pick out

love Shanghai index

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