To make the chain good plan according to the website construction period



station is a key object of investigation of search engine, must be very careful to operate, once into the search engine evaluation period, then the recovery time may be relatively long; personally feel that within three months the site should focus on the content of the website, content update based, supplemented by the chain, the chain construction is not, in essence, that is to say the chain released a day without a lot, some outside the chain of high quality is stable enough, for Links this also need to be very cautious, many websites just on the line to exchange a lot of Links, the interchangeability of the link may cause the search engine that would be considered to be a form of cheating, within three months Links can be appropriate to exchange, but must hold a degree, it is best to build the station Long friendship relations, to exchange links, what we want is the long-term stability of the link, rather than short.


1, a 10 day forum signature (included, try to grab the sofa)

through three months of accumulation, may have a certain weight site, there is a certain degree of trust,. 3 months to 6 months of the time of the chain can be extended properly, for example, after three months the blog is estimated to have a little weight, can go inside the hair outside the chain, in addition to the forum outside the chain of resources to use, can be appropriate to add some friendship to the construction of the chain link, but there should be a broad range of number, such as our time goal is to release the 30 chain, at least 20 included, not blindly seeking the number, many people are asking themselves every day to send 50 outside the chain, but may not have included some 10, almost the chain is no effect, the chain or simply to focus on quality, not only the pursuit of quantity and. I plan the chain this period below to share:

blog link one day 2 (the implementation of the 28 law, update the 8 articles, 2 articles with links to

can appropriately raise some resources, such as looking for some can send the chain forum, classified information website, raise some relevant website blog (not recommended outside the chain as well, the purpose is to raise the weight), which is ready for the construction of the chain later.

two, 3 to 6 months 2, Three months before

is a stable period of

chain is a indispensable part of the site, the chain strategy can make good website quickly raise the weight, when a site after completion of production should be made outside the chain corresponding to the release plan, issued daily workload, the chain; a good plan will allow us to develop good habits, and for website optimization is also very helpful, in the chain release process we can find some rules, and give it an adjustment, no plans to send the chain may have adverse phenomenon in three days of fishing nets drying for two days.

, 3 months of careful period

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