Under the diversified trend of the nternet how to change the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng for what? Ranking, believe that this is the answer to many people, if a little better would say included in the site data, it’s right, but too one-sided, a website through professional Shanghai Longfeng optimized our ultimate goal is to attract IP to achieve transformation, achieve profit.

, a diversified optimization

2, Shanghai Longfeng single way, in fact, put forward new ideas in Shanghai dragon circles is always so few Montana class people, because they guess the search engine changes in ongoing trials, and most of them are behind these ideas, then lose in the starting line. In fact, the daily work of Shanghai Longfeng is not particularly heavy, can make time to test some new ways, which leave yourself a way not

days ago with a friend about a recent situation, he said that he was doing in certain keywords website has 2 page ranking, in addition to my congratulations to say the words, try to keep the diversity of the optimization results, which is in addition to self >

In fact, the reason is that ? change?

with the diversification of the Internet Conference like a raging fire, the words frequently appear in various media, in fact, depend on the Internet under the environment of the Shanghai dragon Er also should reflect on the diversification of the trend of the change in how to make the search engine algorithm? Frequent updates, so many people are entering the Shanghai dragon is just getting some distress, but also understand that, can be said that today only Shanghai dragon has been not very good to do, those days as 8 of the weight of the myth of fading like a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Then the face of the diversification of Shanghai Longfeng how to make

caused the Shanghai dragon cognitive mode is too single, once saw a sentence in a senior group: "after the Shanghai dragon if do the Shanghai dragon will lose their jobs." Yes, many people understand the way the Shanghai dragon, but the results are not the same, in fact, there are two reasons to cause this reason:


and the optimization results of diversification

1, Shanghai dragon hands at different levels, this is an indisputable fact, for example, many people love Shanghai products to do fast, what some people are not made up, the level of this personal experience, this is when the heat can rely on continuous accumulation to make up for the God helps those who help themselves.

believe that many Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon rookie opinionated that the optimization of the site outside the station, I also think so, but now the search engine can be seen in many web site optimization project has not started to die, many web site optimization had long no improvement, but with a lot of Web site optimization up the algorithm updates the rankings fluctuations or even disappear, this is now the status quo of Shanghai Longfeng community website, now lead to a lot of Internet companies are reducing the station’s update to do what a lot of press such moves.

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