To increase regional site traffic First select the most important accurate keywords

you need to do.

for small, this is probably the most professional work for contact I have engaged in Shanghai dragon, after all, before I did not really choose keywords for the site, has been working in the construction of the external links, so just to hear this, I don’t even know how to start. But based on the reality of the situation, only on the task. First of all, I choose some rival site analysis, dig out some key words, can optimize the level of such words is difficult, also let me have a choice of such words is really suitable for their own site "idea, of course, this idea has been bothering me, but in order to attract more accurate and a lot of traffic, Xiaobian try holding the mentality for the site to add some popular keywords on the home page.

!After the

small in Shanghai Longfeng time is not very long, in recent work, just over the previous optimization done very good enterprise site — Anhui talent pool. Listen to the name, you know that it is a talent recruitment network, in the understanding of the basic situation of the site, Boss title, keywords that the site need to be corrected, this has created the present situation for site selection is more accurate keywords, and then optimize it.


of course, after all the site already has a certain amount of traffic, so my strategy is: brand word keywords, those already can bring traffic to keep, after all this is before the optimization strategy of success, of course it is small even after modifying the title, site there is a small problem.


maybe someone will ask "what kind of principle will be used to choose keywords? In the actual operation, small series is the first to consider the real popular keywords, after all, this kind of word search volume of user demand is very large, can be applied to the site is just a space station, then in the kind of popular keywords before adding regional word is a small set of keywords Xiaobian strategy. After determining the popular keyword search word data, Xiao Bian spent a lot of time to study the relevant search words, love Shanghai love Shanghai drop-down box keywords, users of the site itself, then ask around friends, study on the search of Internet users, and then sort out some of the more accurate keywords, will not enumerate here


home page is modified, then do title, keywords, title etc. in order to make the correlation set and page content higher, I first analyzed the site inside pages of content, combined with the advice of friends, some Internet users may search for the word set, such as "looking for talent" page, "Hefei talent market" and other words set to its effect, of course how to still can make nothing of it. Xiaobian can do is try to optimize the page, and then increase the page exposure

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