A comprehensive search of website quality is more important to come

the picture above is the search in the 360 comprehensive weight-loss drug search results, the station originally fell in love with the sea is to keep the first five positions for a long time, but today no see, comprehensive search it occupies the first position, we can try to observe, in Shanghai ranking dropped the case and it can survive long in a comprehensive search.

search love ShanghaiMost of the search results of the ?

360 comprehensive search comes the end of

is more interesting, when your site’s ranking because of love and instability in Shanghai from Shanghai after the disappearance of love, a comprehensive search in the website but also hard to find a trace, some day Shanghai came back, no wonder these days we feel 360 in the search field does not own technology, don’t waste steal other people’s work as easy as blowing away the dust. The original and everyone else, the thought that 360 search coming to us these grassroots webmaster has brought vitality, more of a chance, but in the first few days after the update of Shanghai, the author of the website ranking disappeared in the sea with dismay, speechless, can only rely on comprehensive search to give comfort, let the the station stands down, however, in the comprehensive search in a rare sight in the wilderness…. a day later, Shanghai ranked the miracle of love back, although the lost one, but this has not affected the excitement. I once again opened the 360 comprehensive search, but the mood is very relaxed, but not before holding the straw attitude, no matter what kind of give comprehensive search results from it. But the end result is that the comprehensive search ranking is back, this is what! You don’t quite a grassroots webmaster have difficult, people’s all right now, you can follow the back. This allows us to think of

with the August 16th 360 comprehensive search quietly listed, relying on the huge user group with 360 browser default home page 360 site navigation, in just a few days, the comprehensive search 360’s catch up with China soso Sogou, and then become the second largest search engine.

garbage webmasterThere are 360 guards, anti-virus,

360 integrated search and love Shanghai this may be quite different, we feel that the top few search results the gap is not big, but with the changes of Shanghai love algorithm, some fell in love in Shanghai website ranking, but in 360 the comprehensive ranking is still strong, but often a few strong the next day, soon will fall.

browser 360 tube website security, comprehensive search tube website content, the combination will be too direct.

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browser 360’s, with 360 guards cut, ring ring, the 360 browser occupies the dominant position in the domestic, maybe a lot of products of the station will have the same experience, 360 browser website was blocked, open the pop-up warning box greatly! Warning diagram as follows:

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