How the future development of Shanghai Dragon

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point three: personalized search will become a reality

search engine is to care about the user experience, get rid of the content of position, the types of search engine spam SERP, often caused by a high bounce rate.

is currently a part of Shanghai dragon Er that search engine is a machine system program, but I want to tell you is: "although it is a program, but the program is operating." At present, Google and other search engines employ some of the top technology and doctor of state of mind, whose sole purpose is to find some links and belittle plan.

search engine is to make money, they have to consider the audience, also is the user experience this link, if they ignore the service to users, will cause the low quality. For this reason, the search engine will always update their algorithm, to provide the best possible results in the process of participation.

We do not have the ability to The main goal of the

how to get the natural reverse is the key, publish rich content is one of the best ways to establish authoritative website nature reverse. Visitors can read to their topics of interest in your blog, and encourage your readers to share your content, and deploy your articles on social networking sites, do clean and concise, is a good way to attract search engine.

in fact, personalized search results is expected to expand the scope, according to your preferences as to create unique SERP in the most relevant results, it will keep you will love the use of the search engine service in the future.

personalized search, optimization. Adjust the standard of SERP (search engine results page) reflected in the audience’s personal interests and connections.

view: content is king

flooding is link trading, 100 yuan of 200 links, but your progress is likely to be short-lived, though it can get a higher ranking. This is not a good strategy. In the long term, focus on getting the high quality the chain, natural reverse, the test will withstand the time.

the magician in the TV series, you can predict the future development of the search engine, but according to the development trend in recent years, Shanghai Longfeng future is still considerable. Shanghai Longfeng future, you must know the 5 facts, planning a successful web site so as to be more long-term.

In continuous integration

point four: optimization of multiple platforms is the key to

although the traditional search engine has been the default access point for information on the Internet, but other platforms in the past few years has increased significantly. As a site owner, you need to know, people may find what platform, business platform of what information to you, can make you better optimized website a force.

point two: natural reverse will always win

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