Efficient allocation of internal site weight is the basis of the overall weight increase

two, the weight assigned to priority page

website promotion requires a lot of external links support, also need to slowly accumulate the internal page. The overall weight of the site requires a reasonable distribution to the various internal pages, can effectively improve the site included the number, weight and page within reasonable allocation is also mining the long tail keywords ranking the basic and core issues. So how to effectively allocate the website page weight, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun to discuss this issue.

was the first to be clear, the website each page has its own independent weight, the weight can count on the page HTML transmission link. So get on the inside and outside the most links page weight is generally highest. So in general a web site for internal and external links most is the home page, this is why the highest weight of the web page. In addition to page weight, reasonable distribution of other important right pages of the web site, such as the entrance for the column page in page navigation bar for a long period of time, so the weight of home page can be effectively transferred to the continuous column page, to make good use of the weight of the column page, the column page articles in reasonable allocation, enhance the chances of the article included.

are talking about the weight distribution before the introduction of the weight of some pages simply, how to train a new website to add a page, the page weight ascension requires 3 points, first of all need time to raise the weight, the other page of the HTML website hyperlinks pointing to this page is the last site outside of HTML links to this page. The station outside the station to the page number of links and the quality and the length of time and is proportional to the weight of the page.

generally, product page is a column page of two pages, are considered some products are high profit, or some new products, these pages should be assigned more weight. If these products in accordance with conventional home page and click on the distance from some distant, in order to effectively improve their weight, you should put these products directly to the home page. Directly on the home page can click to put some of these products page links can even add some links to the product page recommendation station.

three, non essential page right important closure

The overall weight

key page naturally non key pages, each page is in order to enhance the user experience and settings page, such as user registration, contact us about us etc.. These pages are very important for users, users can enhance the effective experience, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon is not so important, even there is no need for the page. Because the search engine will not contact you, will not go to the website, the website registration. So we should try to reduce the weight of the flow of the web page. For example, the weight can join the nofllow label to prevent other pages to these pages, or >

, a website weight is how to cultivate

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