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Ding Lei said, was very confused, even sell NetEase have a heart, finally did not sell not because of head high, but the financial audit problems, others refused to buy.

2. do huge profits product soft

live, Wu asked the friend for many years a problem:

inspiration: to station station

Wu was evaluated, Ding Lei is the only laugh entrepreneurs a naive. But this is not Everything is going smoothly. but behind the smiling face, to do a thousand sails, return is still young.

"In my experience to say some suggestions in the article" network of part-time novice to write off something about Taobao before

3. uses API to quickly build


he asked Duan Yongping, founder of BBK, whether he could sell the company and start another one.

1999, the selection of ten major commercial websites, the top three portal list.

last night, Wu Xiaobo channel 3rd Anniversary live broadcast, Zhou opened second games, 50 thousand people together to watch, the main character is NetEase CEO Ding Lei.


: Inspiration of uterus

in 2001, the Internet bubble burst at full speed. Shares of sina, NetEase and Sohu fell to record lows, NetEase was the worst, and shares were only 53 cents at one time.

China Internet Corporation intensive germination, the global tide did not give them time to take root, crazy long coming.


in 2003, Ding Lei boarded the first place in China’s rich list, but the previous year, he is not on the list.

Ding Lei as if wakening from a dream trying to transition, investment and development, the network game "Westward Journey", at the same time, cooperation and development of SMS business operators: Monternet business, this year also saved Tencent.

Duan Yongping asked, "now you have a company, why don’t you do it well,

After getting some income,

, has been considering whether or not to write, after all, I didn’t earn much, master too much, then think about or write their own Taobao customer experience, this may give novice some inspiration.

was very excited, as if he had discovered the new world. After all, a few thousand dollars were still a lot of money for the students. Because I have no research on SEO, I want to do so many stations in a short time, and I don’t have so much energy. I still have a lot to do when I am going to graduate. So think of the soft Wen, because skin care products profit is relatively high, so to the skin care class website sent mail, expressed his identity, want to do soft Wen in your station. Then there is a very famous website back to the mail, I consider is the reason as long as 300 yuan, and I wrote, and then he review to know when Feedsky gave him a few hundred dollars, then soft fee his first written text, written in a very poor, because there is a feeling overwhelmed by an unexpected favour more cautious in the selection of products. The result is quite good, your station has become a very good friend of mine, and later helped me a lot. At present, you rely on the article inside the promotion, Taobao income a lot of said.

was due to the graduation season, are relatively free, buy their own domain name, looking for a pure HTML page to upload up, a Taobao crown shop list of the website that launched. At that time, enough interesting hall, this station is still good, introduced many domestic and foreign Web2.0 website, thanks by many people love, many websites often come here to collect. So, just enough fun hall propaganda this site currently exists, really good results, will soon be included in sh419. And ranked first, maintained for 1 weeks, in that period of time to earn some money, check every day earnings surprise.

2000, Sina, NetEase and Sohu have landed nasdaq.

1. do Taobao crown shop ranking

a beauty care website has such charm, of course, inspired me to do content station idea, but to do content station, but it is very difficult, and they do not have energy. That time >



1997, the 26 year old Ding Lei founded NetEase, a year later, Sohu, Tencent and Sina have been born.


before then, please press curiosity, and I review the Ding Lei, NetEase, and even the entire Chinese Internet has been the peaks and troughs.

early 2002, NetEase resume trading, the fourth quarter of the same year to achieve profitability.


Wu guess he may say the opportunity to say strategy, will say, but the final answer beyond expectation, minibus will be announced later.

Anliu about 09 years from the beginning of the first half of Taobao, at that time also called mom, do the Internet to make money not many people, now in retrospect, seriously at that time if the absolute money. From contact Taobao customers, found that as long as help others sell goods, you can earn commission, because they also like online shopping, so I think this market absolutely fire.

that’s not over yet. On September 2001, the NASDAQ announced that NetEase shares had stopped trading on the grounds of doubtful earnings, the first time Chinese companies had been suspended from trading in us stocks.

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