Teach you how to identify the site in several ways like Shanghai Aladdin ranking


ranking, welcome here!


three, by showing whether URL is a hyperlink to identify

Through the search tool to identify

this way is very simple, when you daily ranking in competitor analysis website, if you are not sure whether a particular site in Shanghai love Aladdin ranked results, you can click on the website of the search results page, view the source code, as shown below:

, through the source code to identify

is the most simple, of course, is also very accurate. Daily work you love Shanghai in the use of search knowledge, look for a search results in the following results or graphic form below right text URL address, put up the mouse to check whether the super chain form, if not, there is a great possibility that can be as follows for the love of Shanghai Aladdin ranking site map:


as above, that buddy can try keywords in their industry is not the case, do not.

this way may have friends attention, because a lot of stationmaster daily using the site command, most of which is also a keyword search and retrieval tools through the station, can be very effective to identify the site in search results in the rankings are as follows: in love with Hay Aladdin,



recently small global inquiry platform is long in search of knowledge, related problems emerge in an endless stream Shanghai Longfeng wonderful variety, there is a small series of experience, some are ignorant of doubt, today Xiaobian see a love Shanghai Aladdin answer information, it is necessary and colleagues to share popularity therefore, it summarizes how to distinguish whether website to participate in several ways like Shanghai Aladdin ranking.

as above, the lock is very intuitive in love Shanghai Aladdin website through the way of course, this is not all can filter out the accurate results, but at least have certain reference significance. If interested in the webmaster friends can check, look at your website which categories of what is involved in the love of Shanghai Aladdin

above " result-op c-container" op, which is the cooperation of the Aladdin site (including the Shanghai love their products). This method is tested by several small, not too good, can be used as auxiliary use, but if you find a page of the source code of the attribute value, then it is very likely to participate in this website is love Shanghai Aladdin ranking.

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