Talk about some tips for personal blog optimization

update frequency


number is a problemWhen the

is the title of the article is very important, when we browse the website, based on


5, the title of

chain is a very important factor, appear the keywords you want to optimize, don’t be lazy, must do draw text. Long tail keywords link to the article or column, the main key link to the home page. The bottom and related articles, reviews and so on, the right must have relevant articles and so on, these are related to the internal chain optimization, keywords layout to link to, to be precise, do not repeat the link, this will be a great help to optimize.

fixed update is very good, I have seen a lot of personal blog, basically will not update the article. I think most people read novels, if the author fails to update the article, we heart is certainly uncomfortable, see the article is a kind of enjoyment, we are accustomed to, you make a emergency, how much will a bit can not accept. The update is the same, on time, update, update a day, two days can also be an update, an update for three days, more than three days will come, who will wait for you in three days? But, in general, one day an article is very good Oh, but also on time.

1, write the user demand content

update, we need to control the number of. Anyway, the article is too long, too much slobber will only make the reader look greasy, next time do not see is your loss. However, this can not be too short, too short will make people feel you are kidding. If you update an article, about 1000 words or so is appropriate.


personal blog to fire, what is the most important? Yes, that is. Do site optimization of the industry, should know Lu Songsong? Why Lu Songsong blog would then fire, br=6, pr=6, the day flow is estimated to be 500 thousand PV, what is the reason? Of course, a crucial part of. Of course, in addition to the content, character, marketing skills and so on. You want to do a blog, first of all to do the content, so the question is, how to attract users write the article? The next Shenzhen Shanghai Longfeng in all details.

a blog to have merit, it must be content to be valuable. If a blog content is of no value, no user required content, so this blog is not optimized. We should learn to share our knowledge can be shared, our thinking is to share, we can share ideas but also, I saw Lu Songsong in the previous article, written before the article is not how, but now is not the same, so not to speak or write, you are actually not want to do. Stand in the user’s point of view, update the article, so your article will be valuable.


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