Keywords brush ranking is a shortcut The 35 day ranking Shanghai love home method


Landy for some customers to do SEO diagnosis or keyword ranking, will encounter some do not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization of customers, they put forward a series of harsh conditions, especially for the keyword ranking they hope to 35 days will be able to see the effect. It is no wonder that customers will use such a request, because now the site optimization of the service industry, has been "optimization software" mix so that customers can not really understand the true Shanghai dragon how to do the optimization, and the optimization of the timeliness of Shanghai dragon.

keyword ranking on short-term love Shanghai home shortcut:

keywords ranking 35 days can really love Shanghai home? Brush keyword ranking really have

keyword ranking brush The


keyword ranking brush

what things have two sides, especially the speculation. The use of keywords ranking software can be short-term rankings, but this ranking is not stable, after all, is not artificial click through software simulation of real data shows. When the stop word brush software, then keyword ranking will be down.


a lot of website optimization enterprises they have support optimization techniques, software brush word such as their own research and development or purchase, click on the "key words" artificial simulation so as to improve the ranking results. But the premise of brush keyword ranking, you probably ranked within top 100 rankings, too rely on the brush software not search, so do a lot of individuals or enterprises will consult your current keyword ranking keyword ranking ranking, if the charge is low, rely on high, which is why they only the optimization of keywords within the top 100 of the.

two, IP agent software

look at these enterprises online advertising, they are not exaggeration commitment 3 days or 1 days on the home page, and love Shanghai, 360 and five, Sogou search engine home page, this is not true? Landy from the media to tell you, this is true, if you only see short-term benefits regardless of the consequences of the people, then you can choose to do so.

, a software

just like Landy said before the traffic treasure the same reason, if the site is so easy to be K, so many of your competitors website to use the software to help you brush flow or keywords that web site is K. Therefore, cause the website used by K these words will not brush brush flow software, but will have a great impact on the website optimization Shanghai dragon regular late.

is the first direct use of keywords ranking software, second methods of using IP agent software to replace the IP address, but the principle is the same.

software website keywords ranking will be K

keyword ranking brush Disadvantages of

optimization software webmaster tools is not statistical data search, because statistical tools are not statistics to simulation click on the brush, because they.

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